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Advertisements for other sites/forums
Would anyone who wishes to advertise content on another site or Forum please have the courtesy to ask me first, otherwise your missive risks being deleted! Cry

Started 05/22/06 at 00:07:36 by GMTonyKosten
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72 93860 Last Post 03/11/20 at 18:13:51
By: trw
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Poll: ChessPub Book of the Year 2018
Here is the poll for the 2018 openings book of the year. I've stopped the nominations, and I've also stopped new member registration. One vote per member, but you have one hour to change your mind!<br...

Started 02/24/19 at 10:17:52 by GMTonyKosten
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34 23087 Last Post 03/27/19 at 07:41:25
By: FightingDragon
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Game collections
My favorite type of chess books are player's game collections (especially when they are written by the players themselves).   They are my favorite because studying a great player's games is one of the...

Started 08/14/05 at 23:25:26 by Prince-Nez
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135 66328 Last Post 02/18/21 at 18:51:33
By: shuda2
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Poll: ChessPub Book of the year 2019
Hi All,
Here is the book of the year poll for titles published in 2019.
Closing date is 2 August.
Best wishes,

Started 07/11/20 at 21:33:54 by RoleyPoley
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50 8974 Last Post 09/18/20 at 15:58:24
By: Jupp53
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Before asking for help with improvement....
Hi all!
Since 2003, chess publicans have been starting threads asking for chess improvement. 
Read the previous threads before starting a new one on this topic. 
If possible, add your c...

Started 04/27/10 at 02:33:05 by Smyslov_Fan
11 22137 Last Post 09/11/17 at 07:52:48
By: GMTonyKosten
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Kramnik on the downfall
I am just looking at some games of the Qatar open and noticed Kramnik drew his first 2 games. In the 1st round he faced a 25xx opponent with black and in the second a 24xx opponent with white.

Started 11/27/14 at 17:14:45 by battleangel (Ex Member)
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48 14972 Last Post 12/13/14 at 22:43:53
By: RoleyPoley
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Will Anand retire now?
What do you think, will he retire, now that he is probably falling out of the top 10 of chess and won't win any tournaments?

Started 11/23/13 at 17:00:52 by battleangel (Ex Member)
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19 9217 Last Post 02/28/14 at 11:30:09
By: Axl
Normal Topic
What happenend to Radjabov and Gashimov?
Anyone knows what happenend to Radjabov?
He is rated 2713 right now, place 36 in world rankings.
He still pretty young, and I think 3 years ago he was like 3rd or 4th best player in the worl...

Started 12/23/13 at 10:56:58 by battleangel (Ex Member)
3 1423 Last Post 12/23/13 at 13:16:35
By: MartinC
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Basque System
What do you think about the basque system?
That is, playing two boards at the same time against the same opponent?
I think this way one could render the advantage of being the first to move ...

Started 12/18/13 at 15:52:10 by battleangel (Ex Member)
14 5614 Last Post 12/21/13 at 12:42:36
By: Bibs
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
what's your take on carlsen in bilbao?
so carlsen played king's indian attack and the french exchange, 2 so called subpar openings, against caruana respectively vallejo, i.e. 2700+ opposition, and still won.
What's your take on this? ...

Started 10/09/12 at 21:07:37 by battleangel (Ex Member)
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43 12632 Last Post 04/29/13 at 01:29:14
By: GabrielGale
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
chess training sites on the internet
I want to improve my chess,
I am not searching for individual trainings, because this is too expensive for me ...
my plan is to occupy myself 1-2 times a week with excercises, I wan...

Started 11/30/09 at 19:34:46 by battleangel (Ex Member)
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16 7267 Last Post 11/02/12 at 07:13:36
By: Seth_Xoma
Normal Topic
chessbase article comparison of chess and economy
here is the article:
can't help myself, but I can believe what's written there ... especially this note is interesting:
In many U...

I can believ

Started 10/07/12 at 17:55:31 by battleangel (Ex Member)
4 3655 Last Post 10/09/12 at 20:31:52
By: GMTonyKosten
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Future of the chess - Decrease of players?
imho. chess is losing a lot of ground lately in the western nations. I live in germany, lately I read in the news that germany is said to have the most chess players who actively participate in a ches...

Started 03/05/12 at 19:29:27 by battleangel (Ex Member)
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20 7767 Last Post 03/10/12 at 07:42:41
By: GeneM
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies) Poll closed
Poll: Could another time mode attract more players?
Do you think if classical chess was replaced by rapid chess, that there were more players playing and joining the game? Because a rapid game is much shorter you could even replace a classical game by ...

Started 09/04/11 at 14:20:12 by battleangel (Ex Member)
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17 7735 Last Post 09/12/11 at 11:11:19
By: DoubleRipVanWinkle
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Nakamura wins Cap d'Agde
A player from the US beats former wch Karpov and No. 3 in the world Ivanchuk, and all in all wins a high class tournament where the likes of carlsen, radjabov and cheparinov took part. It has to be ad...

Started 11/02/08 at 17:15:53 by cyronix (Ex Member)
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46 11936 Last Post 02/18/11 at 02:43:36
By: TopNotch
Normal Topic
A wonderful game
A really wonderful game from Hou Yifan (white) vs Konera Humpy in the women world championchips
1.e4 e5 2.Sf3 Sc6 3.Lb5 Sf6 4.0-0 Sxe4 5.d4 Sd6 6.Lxc6 dxc6 7.dxe5 Sf5 8.Dxd8+ Kxd8 9.Sc3 Ke8 10.S...

Started 12/17/10 at 15:35:13 by battleangel (Ex Member)
0 1267 Last Post 12/17/10 at 15:35:13
By: battleangel - Ex Member
Normal Topic
Real Life Chess Clubs vs. the Internet
I live in germany, and to me it seems the club scene is slowly dying. I think one of the culprits is the possibility to play chess on the internet. In internet chess clubs you finde a greater number o...

Started 08/09/10 at 18:11:04 by battleangel (Ex Member)
4 1516 Last Post 08/10/10 at 21:12:03
By: TalJechin
Normal Topic
Sam Collins Chessbase 1.e4 Repertoire
I saw this was just released.
I think it is a very good repertoire, that is not too risky, but also not too timid, from the lines I can see.
He recoomends italian with c3 against e5, c3-sici...

Started 12/12/09 at 09:49:03 by battleangel (Ex Member)
8 8564 Last Post 06/30/10 at 09:00:26
By: Templare2
Normal Topic
new repertoire based on the nimzo
I don't trust the benoni anymore,
I am thinking of doing a new repertoire with the nimzo,
but I don't like the QID,
so I think about playing d5 after nf3 and after nc3 Bb4 in nimzo styl...

Started 09/05/09 at 19:44:33 by battleangel (Ex Member)
4 1894 Last Post 09/11/09 at 18:23:40
By: battleangel - Ex Member
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
tips for playing your best chess in a tourney
I am grateful if someone wants to add some tips Smiley
Lately I played an official blitz tourney, I began good, beating some good players, but then I just lost my head ... I scored 5 zeros in a row ...

Started 04/12/09 at 20:05:46 by cyronix (Ex Member)
10 2833 Last Post 04/19/09 at 10:02:56
By: Stigma
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