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Grünfeld Defence [D70-D99]
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Dembo Grunfeld book question
Just looking at the line that Dembo recommends in her book, "Play the Grunfeld", against the 8.Rb1 Exchange variation.  Beginning with 7 Nf3 c5 8 Rb1 0-0 9 Be2 b6 instead of 10 0-0, white may play 10 ...

Started 01/21/16 at 11:52:00 by crdII
1 2447 Last Post 01/27/16 at 12:05:05
By: crdII
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Grunfeld via 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nf3 d5.
Last week in a clubgame I played (with White) 1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 g6 3.c4 d5 4.cxd5 Nxd5 5.e4 Nb6 6.h3 Bg7 7.Nc3, which scores about 76% in the databases. I told my opponent that most Grunfeld-players play...

Started 12/13/15 at 08:01:34 by TD
6 4725 Last Post 12/13/15 at 17:23:26
By: kylemeister
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Gruenfeld repertoire against all 1.d4 systems
I am familiar with The Kaufman Repertoire, but which other printed books detail a repertoire for Black against all the 1.d4 systems (i.e. not only 2.c4) that is based around the Gruenfeld?

Started 12/04/15 at 09:44:30 by Marek Soszynski
4 4509 Last Post 12/11/15 at 13:54:29
By: Bibs
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How to make a draw against the Grünfeld?
Hi friends,
as as 1.e4-player I recently toyed with 1.d4 and 1.c4 in my classical tournament games with very decent results. In fact I only played this moves when I was somewhat sure that my oppo...

Started 01/27/13 at 10:50:23 by Matemax
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32 27966 Last Post 07/07/15 at 10:04:48
By: brabo
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Reply to White's 3.d5 pawn advance
Hi All,
In the Grunfeld defence, what happens if White plays 3.d5 after 1.d4,Nf6, 2.c4,g6 ?  Doesn't the pawn advance cramp up Black's position?

Started 04/05/15 at 15:16:43 by Utpal Nandi
7 4671 Last Post 06/18/15 at 19:54:59
By: kylemeister
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Positional, quiet and solid answer to the Grünfeld
For White, in the Grünfeld Defense, which variation tends to lead on average to the most positional, quiet, solid, slow, boring and strategic positions? i.e. the least sharp and tactical p...

Started 05/25/15 at 12:18:35 by Marc Benford
2 2689 Last Post 05/25/15 at 19:53:34
By: LostTactic
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English Qb3 vs. Grunfeld.
Where can I find some theory about this line? (book, article, internet video, dvd…)
1.c4 Cf6 2.Cc3 g6 3.Cf3 d5 4 cxd5 Cxd5 5.Qb3
Usually, after 5…Nb6 6.d4, it would transpose to a n...

Started 04/13/15 at 09:56:12 by fairchess
0 1854 Last Post 04/13/15 at 09:56:12
By: fairchess
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Bluffing Fianchetto Grünfeld for Fianchetto KID
I like to play the Fianchetto KID, but obviously the direct move order 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. g3 just allows the Fianchetto Grünfeld with either the knight or the ...c6 Symmetrical set-up. I know that ...

Started 01/26/15 at 05:07:46 by DenVerdsligeRejsende
7 5785 Last Post 02/14/15 at 22:23:58
By: Lauri Torni
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The Grunfeld According to Peter Svidler (chess24)
Greetings all Smiley , So I just purchased my friend Peter Svidler's concise treatise on his favourite Grunfeld defence. It's over 12 hours long of super-G goodness exploring a very topical opening from t...

Started 09/13/14 at 15:33:19 by Snow_Lion
1 4571 Last Post 09/13/14 at 17:58:02
By: tipau
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Long-term weapon against Grunfeld?
The interesting thing about the Grunfeld is that it is not immediately clear what the "main line" is. For example, in the Nimzo or Queen's Indian one can say, specialise in 4. e3 and 4. g3 respectivel...

Started 04/15/14 at 15:59:56 by lnn2
7 5500 Last Post 08/17/14 at 18:50:58
By: Smyslov_Fan
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The mysteriously disappearing line
I was wondering what happened to 12...a5 in the 8.Rb1 line?

In my data...

Started 07/17/14 at 18:51:19 by gauss
4 2450 Last Post 07/17/14 at 20:21:58
By: gauss
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Marin: Winning against the Grunfeld
Just noticed this interesting dvd (probably Marin's first?). Any opinions on it are welcome!

Started 04/02/14 at 16:08:28 by lnn2
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17 16485 Last Post 06/10/14 at 20:01:00
By: ErictheRed
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Fianchetto Grunfeld Move Order Question
Just a quick question: After 1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 g6 3.g3 d5, it is more accurate for White to play 4.Bg2 Bg7 5.0-0 0-0 6.c4, 4.Bg2 Bg7 5.c4 or the immediate 4.c4? I want to get into either the ...c6 or cxd...

Started 05/13/14 at 17:19:19 by TN
2 2090 Last Post 05/16/14 at 07:24:54
By: Straggler
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GM Rep Grunfeld thread?
I tried searching for it, but can't seem to find it. Has it been deleted?

Started 05/13/14 at 01:42:53 by GrizzleBazzle
2 2248 Last Post 05/13/14 at 22:21:05
By: GrizzleBazzle
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Poll: Grunfeld 7.Bc4 Line 10...Qc7 Out of Business?!
Hello there.
I have been going through The Safest Grunfeld by Delchev and Agrest and I think it really is a fantastic book so far. I have been typing it in, engine-checking and coming up with im...

Started 04/27/14 at 13:30:10 by TheDragon
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22 14992 Last Post 05/02/14 at 11:49:38
By: TalJechin
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Kaufman Repertoire Grunfeld
Hi Everyone,
I just purchased the Kaufman Repertoire, and I noticed that the coverage of the Grunfeld is not as long as I thought it would be. Has anyone reviewed his material? Are there big hole...

Started 04/18/13 at 14:31:57 by Reverse
8 12660 Last Post 04/29/14 at 14:16:27
By: lnn2
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Grünfeld 4.Bg5
The 4.Bg5 variation against the Grünfeld has been a fairly hot trend the past few years and received some coverage here recently by GM Flear. I haven't seen it discussed in the past several pages on t...

Started 03/16/14 at 05:53:36 by Othy
6 4353 Last Post 03/16/14 at 20:19:41
By: Stigma
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Hi all,
today I played a grunfeld and had lots of difficulties as Black:
1. d4 g6 2. c4 Nf6 3. Nc3 d5 4. Nf3 Bg7 5. cxd5 Nxd5 6. Bd2 O-O 7. Rc1 Nb6 8.
e3 Nc6 9. Bb5 Bd7 10. Be2N Houdini...

Started 01/19/14 at 20:59:44 by gewgaw
1 1696 Last Post 01/19/14 at 21:19:44
By: kylemeister
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Queen vs. 3 minors in the Grunfeld
I was wondering what do others think of the rather typical Grunfeld situation of a queen vs 3 minor pieces. In particular I am thinking of the line: [pgn][Event "?"]
[Site "?"]
[Date ...|/pgn]
Recently I have been searching for a secondary line against the Grunfeld (which is also my main defence as Black) and so far I have been looking at this 5.Qa4+ line. From the gam

Started 09/26/13 at 08:05:19 by clickclick
9 4408 Last Post 09/26/13 at 14:45:34
By: kylemeister
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The Ultimate Anti-Grünfeld. A Repertoire with 3.f3
I have just posted the Contents of the ready-to-print book by Svetushkin at Half of it is on the Sämish though - as it presents a White repertoi...

Started 07/31/13 at 14:41:57 by Semkov
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37 32089 Last Post 08/26/13 at 10:06:24
By: Lauri Torni
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