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Italian Game 3 Bc4, Evans Gambit, Giuoco Piano, Bishop's Opening, Max Lange Attack [C50-55]
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Lucchini Gambit in the Italian Game. New or not?
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.d3 f5 - the Lucchini Gambit. This was discovered by someone who notified IM Eric Rosen. He posted this line just today on YouTube. Apparently this line is JUST starting t...

Started 08/30/20 at 21:22:56 by HagenWatch1
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14 750 Last Post 08/31/20 at 21:42:17
By: an ordinary chessplayer
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The Italian Renaissance by Kravtslv, Quality Chess
The Italian Renaissance - I: Move Orders, Tricks and Alternatives, and The Italian Renaissance - II: The Main Lines, promises to be the new "state of the art" work on the Modern Italian Game. I am eag...

Started 07/25/20 at 14:26:10 by grandpatzer
0 333 Last Post 07/25/20 at 14:26:10
By: grandpatzer
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C51-C52: Evans Gambit Literature
So I'm looking for a good summary of the evans gambit or a nice analyzed game collection of it. Not necessarily the hot off the mill current modern theory jazz.
I was looking at maybe getting:<br...

Started 09/18/08 at 22:32:44 by trw
14 6725 Last Post 02/06/20 at 14:53:12
By: MNb
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A Complete Guide to 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4
Apparently this forthcoming book will consist of Pinski's Italian Game and Evans Gambit and his The Four Knights...  Roll Eyes

Started 05/04/19 at 13:22:38 by Straggler
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37 7868 Last Post 01/19/20 at 21:19:16
By: FreeRepublic
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Italian Game - AlphaZero Defence
1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bc4 Bc5 4 d3 a6!? – fascinating stuff Smiley
[pgn][Event "Computer Match"]
[Site "London ENG"]
[Date "2018.01.18"]
[Round "?"]
[White "Stockfish 8"]
[Black ...|/pgn]

Started 12/15/18 at 15:23:15 by Jonathan Tait
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18 6287 Last Post 02/04/19 at 18:35:32
By: RdC
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Giuoco Piano C54, with 7.Nbd2
I'm trying to switch to open games from Colle. One book recommended is "A simple chess opening repertoire for white" by Sam Collins and many of he's recommendations lead to a IQP.
In the Italian ...

Started 10/24/18 at 15:16:17 by msiipola
10 2776 Last Post 10/29/18 at 21:52:45
By: ReneDescartes
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General plans for Black
I have searched various opening books, this forum and other resources, but all I could find is a lot of lines.
What I haven't found is a bullet-point-like overview of plans for both sid...

Started 07/23/18 at 11:04:06 by Horatio
5 2513 Last Post 08/03/18 at 14:16:35
By: Horatio
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Sveshnikov Line with 7. Be2

Does anybody know if there are some text covered analyses (e.g. NIC Yearbook,...) ? What's your opinion of this line ? I thin...

Started 03/22/16 at 05:00:26 by Jobavian
2 2464 Last Post 04/21/18 at 20:19:31
By: urusov
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Bc4 against the Open Games by Delchev, Chess Stars
From the Publisher:
This book offers a White repertoire against the Open Games. The reader will find the first deep investigation of the modern treatment of the Italian Game and the Bishop's ...

Started 03/10/18 at 08:16:42 by grandpatzer
5 4233 Last Post 03/14/18 at 21:34:32
By: mn
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Is the compromised defense in the Evans Gambit =?
Here are a couple of games played against Deep Fritz 14:
Moody-Deep Fritz 14 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Bc5 4. b4 Bxb4 5. c3 Ba5 6. d4 exd4 7. O-O dxc3 8.Qb3 Qf6 9. e5 Qg6 10. Nxc3 Nge7 11. Ba3 O...

Started 02/05/16 at 00:50:50 by sloughter
13 7852 Last Post 09/22/17 at 10:52:12
By: MNb
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Hungarian Defense
Is there any book dedicated to the Hungarian Defense? 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Be7? I find it very hard to get a "real" advantage against it in practical play, apart from that space advantage that vani...

Started 03/06/17 at 15:10:32 by grandpatzer
13 6027 Last Post 08/30/17 at 20:59:35
By: Monocle
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C54: Kaissiber Competition Chat Thread
Opinions, Chat, Analysis, Refutations etc.

Started 07/13/09 at 00:21:47 by GMTonyKosten
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By: Stefan Buecker
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Best Italian Repertoire Book?
Hello, I'm wondering which repertoire books that feature the italian game against 1. e4 e5 you all think are the best? I'm pretty unfamiliar with resources involving 1. e4 e5, having played 1. d4 excl...

Started 06/03/16 at 06:56:02 by up and comer
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20 13917 Last Post 08/23/17 at 04:04:00
By: BobbyDigital80
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Guioco Piano audio presentation.
With the growing populatity of the Italian game at the higher echelons of chess, you might get some insight into the secrets of the Guioco Piano from this audio presentation.
Or maybe not Smiley<br...

Started 11/26/16 at 10:13:38 by JEH
1 2261 Last Post 08/22/17 at 07:07:35
By: BobbyDigital80
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The trendy a4 Modern Italian
Dear ChessPubbers, It has been some time since the Forum analysed any openings and variations in a collaborative manner. I thought I will attempt to begin a discussion in the very old Italian game.<br...

Started 10/30/16 at 12:46:07 by GabrielGale
11 6257 Last Post 08/03/17 at 11:32:04
By: Keano
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evans gambit declined
I stumbled upon this game :
[pgn][Event "DEN-chT 1112 50th"]
[Site "Denmark"]
[Date "2012.01.29"]
[Round "6.1"]
[White "Hector, Jonny"]
[Black "Hagen, Andreas Skyt...|/pgn]
I always thought that 5.b5 was a bad idea since I read it in pinsky's book. I even stopped playing the evans because I didn't like the declined version of it (too symmetrical especially if black play a6,h6 and doesn't take the knight on d5).
But then I saw this 7.Be2 and I don't know it feels interresting again. The position seem complex and stockfish seems ok with it (let him go to 25 depth if you want him to appreciate it).
It seems that all the other games continued with 7.d4 which is refuted.

Started 02/15/17 at 17:36:56 by Sinn
2 2191 Last Post 02/16/17 at 11:26:49
By: Sinn
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Ways for white in Guico Piano for +=
We can try to find ways for white to play against Guico Paino.
I would like to show a game
[pgn][Event "Jagannathji Shinde Trophy"]
[Site "Solapur"]
[Date "2013.04.14"]
[Round "...|/pgn]
I think 14Qf3 was slightly better instead of trading of queen..

Started 04/10/15 at 04:01:24 by chandrashekharkoravi
4 4413 Last Post 11/13/16 at 01:32:30
By: Arnaudov
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Marin's Beating the Open Games Max Lange Attack
Just in case this correction has not been pointed out previously, on page 169 of the second edition, there is a publishing mistake in row 2.  The beginning of the line is printed under the wrong move ...

Started 12/22/15 at 07:51:20 by crdII
0 2326 Last Post 12/22/15 at 07:51:20
By: crdII
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Marin's Beating the Open Games
This might have been posted before but I have found a mistake on page 198 of the second edition.  Rows 4 and 5 should have been printed under the 6.0-0 Ba7 heading instead of the 6.Nbd2 Ba7 heading.  ...

Started 12/06/15 at 06:18:07 by crdII
0 2002 Last Post 12/06/15 at 06:18:07
By: crdII
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Hungarian Defense
Are there any books or articles that cover the Hungarian defense against the Giuoco Piano for black ?

Started 07/15/15 at 15:41:48 by SupaKoopaTroopa
1 2425 Last Post 07/15/15 at 17:26:38
By: RdC
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