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Italian Game 3 Bc4, Evans Gambit, Giuoco Piano, Bishop's Opening, Max Lange Attack [C50-55]
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C51-C52: Evans Gambit
I've just recently began to take study into the Evans gambit. Unfortunately most of my resources are limited on explanation and/or analysis and are quite vague in what is offered. In fact, several sof...

Started 07/02/03 at 13:17:58 by Tictactactical
5 5055 Last Post 07/26/03 at 13:05:14
By: Tzanidakis Michael (Guest)
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Piano Improvement?
1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bc4 Bc5 4 c3 Nf6 5 d4 exd4 6 cxd4 Bb4+ 7 Bd2 Nxe4 8 Bxb4 Nxb4
In this position, Nigel and most others recommend the move Bxf7+ and Qb3+, regaining the pawn.  However, after so...

Started 06/20/04 at 17:55:32 by nexirae
1 1654 Last Post 06/22/04 at 19:00:13
By: kevinludwig
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Has anyone seen Jude Acers book on the Italian.
I am interested to know if the Italian gambit is worthwhile in terms of a plausible system for e4 players?
1. e4 e52.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.d4 Bxd4 5. Nxd4 Nxd4 6. Be3
any thoughts?

Started 04/16/04 at 02:17:55 by Teyko
5 6691 Last Post 09/29/04 at 14:53:06
By: tracke
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greco attack and NCO
the position arising after
1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Bc5 4. c3 Nf6 5. d4 exd4 6. cxd4 Bb4+ 7. Nc3 Nxe4 8. O-O Nxc3 9. bxc3 d5 10. cxb4 dxc4 11. Re1+ Ne7 12. Bg5 f6 13. Qe2 fxg5 14. Qxc...

Started 10/21/04 at 01:59:15 by Bernhard (Guest)
2 2321 Last Post 10/23/04 at 19:27:53
By: kamiel
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Giuoco Piano Busted??
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.c3 Nf6 5.d4 exd4 6.cxd4 Bb4+ 7.Nc3!? Nxe4 8.O-O
All mainline 'til here...Greco attack that is...
8. ... Nxc3!? 9.bxc3 Bxc3!?
The Aitken variation...

Started 12/23/03 at 14:29:15 by nexirae
13 8507 Last Post 11/03/04 at 20:37:51
By: MNb
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Evans Gambit : an old variation revisited
Hi to all! Roll Eyes
in Evans Gambit , usually one considers only 5...Ba5 , Bc5 , Be7 , and yet there is another move : 5...Bd6!?
This move looks odd , and generally it is held for unsound

Started 10/13/04 at 06:37:20 by photophore
11 4822 Last Post 01/04/05 at 11:55:35
By: photophore
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2 knights (4. Nc3)
well, i was wondering why cant you play 4. Nc3 (after 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Nf6), because i read all the time that 4. d4 is better

Started 03/20/05 at 09:06:52 by Scipio (Guest)
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21 9024 Last Post 03/31/05 at 06:43:30
By: MNb
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The Max Lange Attack
I wondered what peoples thoughts on the Max lange attack with (1. e4 e5   2. Nf3 Nc6   3. d4 exd4   4. Bc4 Nf6   5. O-O ) with 5....Nxe4  does this equalize the game?  If not why not? what is whites b...

Started 04/14/05 at 20:24:38 by beezaman (Guest)
1 1576 Last Post 04/14/05 at 22:18:57
By: M.Nb (Guest)
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How does Jude Acers Italiangambit book  rate?
     How does Jude Acers Italian Gambit book rate? Grin

Started 05/07/05 at 10:45:19 by RedLance
2 1774 Last Post 05/11/05 at 13:47:13
By: Gerod (Guest)
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How to defend against the Italian
Im looking for a ways to defend against the Italian and would like to know if any of you e5 players out there have any suggestions. I would play e5 always if i knew how to handel it.
I play a lo...

Started 05/16/05 at 23:30:51 by basqueknight (Ex Member)
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15 8878 Last Post 08/26/05 at 18:36:48
By: bob000 (Guest)
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Italian Two Knights strange variation/ANTIMAXLANGE
1.e4,e5 2.Nf3,Nc6 3.d4 (Italian?) , exd4 4.Bc4, Nf6! (Yes)
5. e5,d5 6.Bb5,Ne4 7.Nd4,Bc5 (Davies prefers Bd7)...

Started 09/23/05 at 11:43:12 by micawber
4 2290 Last Post 09/28/05 at 22:49:08
By: micawber
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e4 e5 Nf3 Nc6 d4 ed Bc4 Nf6 e5!
Hi i started playing this not too long ago i was wondering if there were people on here that played it?... I dont know if there is a book on this line as i would like to know some of its theory. I ha...

Started 10/09/05 at 20:37:59 by Charles_G
12 6043 Last Post 10/19/05 at 05:35:40
By: MNb
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Yeah i know im crazy!
Since my first post im sure people think some of my ideas are quite posibly insane. Well here one to think about. 1.e4 e5 2.nf3 nc6 3.Bc4 f5?!
I wanted to check the human evaluation beofre the co...

Started 10/20/05 at 22:33:34 by basqueknight (Ex Member)
6 2932 Last Post 10/23/05 at 22:58:19
By: basqueknight - Ex Member
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Max Lange Attack (and Anti Max Lange) lives
I've done a bit of analysis recently on the Max Lange and would be interested in any players of the black pieces defending their opinions. If black can equalise it's "only just" and after a lot of hoo...

Started 09/26/05 at 16:58:22 by Athomick
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53 22358 Last Post 11/20/05 at 07:56:40
By: mulehollandaise
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Guioco Piano Greco Attack
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Bc5 4.c3 Nf6 5.d4 cxd4 6.exd4 Bb4+ 7.Nc3 and now Bxc3+ bxc3 Nxe4 has come up in a few of my games.  I know how to deal with regular main lines after 7. ... Nxe4 preceding any ...

Started 11/03/03 at 20:55:22 by nexirae
12 7373 Last Post 03/28/06 at 14:56:24
By: Willempie
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Is the moeller gambit  dead!??
Hi guys, i've recently re-introduced the giuco piano in my games, as it was once a favourite of mine when i first began to play the game. I employed it in a tournament in Dublin against a 2000 graded ...

Started 02/09/06 at 17:23:09 by DarMc(Guest) (Guest)
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17 11821 Last Post 04/05/06 at 17:57:35
By: EvilSamurai(Guest) (Guest)
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improvement in guioco piano moeller attack
Current theory says that black is clearly better in the moeller attack cause of 13.... h6 but I think a new move 14. Qb3! gives white enough compensation for the sacrificed pawn and a good game.

Started 08/24/04 at 16:24:28 by kamiel
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30 15904 Last Post 04/25/06 at 05:09:33
By: Smyslov_Fan
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Italian game and Evans gambit , by Ian Pinski
Dit you get this book ?
I got it ,and I find it's full of errors , especially in the Evans gambit section
I was to follow it in a correpondence game , and it directed me directly into a losi...

Started 05/05/06 at 15:18:10 by photophore
11 4756 Last Post 05/07/06 at 14:12:56
By: photophore
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Problems with the Italian game
I recently had to play the position after 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.d3 Bc5 5.Nc3 d6 6.Bg5 h6 7.Bh4
I thought that white had to play 7.Bxf6 in order to avoid his bishop becoming useless aft...

Started 10/02/06 at 09:23:04 by glsix
14 6193 Last Post 10/13/06 at 16:52:58
By: Willempie
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4.O-O in the Italian Game
A recent article at the Chess Café, referring to a number of pieces in Kassiber, recommends this line: in particular, it seems to think that (i) the Max Lange is now good for White (ii) so is the the ...

Started 10/27/06 at 13:08:38 by Justinhorton
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24 10248 Last Post 11/03/06 at 10:45:21
By: Willempie
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