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By: Confused_by_Theory
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In: Re: State of the trendy V...
By: TopNotch
Fianchetto Variation
Fianchetto Variation
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In: Re: exd4+Bd7 line
By: Confused_by_Theory
Four Pawns
Four Pawns
[E76-E79] & [A68-A69]
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In: Re: Four Pawns Attack wit...
By: Markovich
King's Indian King's Indian
Complete King's Indian [A41-42, A53-55, A68-69 & E60-99] with IM David Vigorito
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Zinnowitz and my Repertoire
Hello fellow KIDers,
I am a reletavily new KID player, and I have a repertoire question or two--
first, is the Accelerated Dragon a good opening to play along with the KID?
Second, (and...

Started 07/18/05 at 02:09:14 by Darthkrieger
0 1015 Last Post 07/17/05 at 21:09:13
By: Darthkrieger
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Yugoslav School vs Russian/Soviet School?
I was browsing in the book, True Lies, by GM Lluis Comas Fabrego. and came across this remark:
I feel deep respect and admiration for the way Russian players handle this defence [ie the KID] (...

This remark

Started 09/01/10 at 05:47:55 by GabrielGale
8 3367 Last Post 09/01/10 at 16:55:30
By: Paddy
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Yanvarjov - KID According to Petrosian
Igor Yanvarjov (2019) The King's Indian According to Petrosian from Russell Enterprises.
Not sure how I missed news of this title. It seems exactly the kind of "opening" book that interests me. H...

Started 05/27/20 at 21:04:47 by an ordinary chessplayer
4 1235 Last Post 05/29/20 at 10:49:41
By: Pawnpusher
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Yankelevich-Saric 11.08.2019 E90
Wanted to know Mr. Vigorito's opinion about Black's perspectives to equalize after 6.de5
Stockfish's line is: 6...de5 7.Qd8 Kd8 8.Nf3 Nc6 9.Be3 Be6 10.0-0-0 Nd7 11.Ng5 with some plus for...

Started 10/04/19 at 15:31:04 by sanaz
1 1662 Last Post 10/04/19 at 17:27:09
By: mn
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World Champions Guide to the King's Indian
Just seen this DVD ... World Champions Guide to the King's Indian by Rustam Kasimdzhanov.
Could anyone who has seen it give some feedback on it? Hmm, might get it anyway  Wink

Started 10/25/06 at 12:38:00 by JEH
3 3820 Last Post 12/24/06 at 01:16:00
By: inn3
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Wojo's Weapons: Winning With White, Volume 2
This just caught my eye. It should be a great compliment to Avrukh, particulary for mere mortals like me:

Started 02/01/11 at 21:41:23 by Antillian
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40 37772 Last Post 04/16/12 at 07:31:23
By: Gilchrist is a legend
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Where's the october update?
I've just recently become a member of and I joined three sessions: the french, d4 d5 and king's indian. But now nearly in the middle of november there is still no update in the kin...

Started 11/10/08 at 19:35:34 by Rockstone
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22 8572 Last Post 12/22/08 at 19:51:33
By: drkodos
Normal Topic
Where have all the King's Indians gone?
Until Gata Kamsky unexpectedly played the King's Indian today in the US Championship, we haven't seen it much in recent high level tournaments.  No KIDs in the Norway tournament so far  or the Candida...

Started 04/22/16 at 18:53:14 by WSS
4 3781 Last Post 04/28/16 at 00:58:40
By: TN
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Whats the hardest to face??
I am a kings indian enthusiast and was wandering waht we all thought was the hardest to face. I think the averbach is rather uncomfortable to play against and was wondering who thinks the 4 pawns sami...

Started 09/06/05 at 17:05:21 by basqueknight (Ex Member)
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49 19559 Last Post 03/20/06 at 18:05:10
By: Glenn Snow
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
What's the name of this variation ?
All is in the title and the variation is: 1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 g6 3.Nc3 d6 4.e4
Has this opening been studied on forum ? I've searched but not found... but have I done the best sear...

Started 08/02/07 at 16:22:01 by dgvincent
11 3577 Last Post 08/03/07 at 20:32:41
By: MNb
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what to play against old indian?
What to  play against Old Indian defense if you play Krasenkov variation against the Kings indian? to be able to manage frequent transpositions... can anybody guide me is much appreciated.....

Started 11/29/12 at 21:54:05 by raja
5 5485 Last Post 11/30/12 at 18:21:18
By: Vass
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies) Poll
Poll: What is the 2nd best line against the KID?
Hello KID players (as both White and Black):
Which system do you believe is the second strongest against the King's Indian after the Classical variation?

Started 08/28/08 at 08:49:05 by ANONYMOUS3000
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24 10055 Last Post 01/04/09 at 22:37:04
By: MilenPetrov
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
What is an Easy to Learn Anti-KID System?
I play 1.c4 as White, and I have had a lot of trouble against the KID. I have used 1.c4, Nf6 2.Nf3, g6 3.b4, but I want to be able to play 2.Nc3 to be able to play the Mikenas Attack, but I now have n...

Started 01/01/09 at 02:49:17 by Unownasofyet
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40 14274 Last Post 03/17/09 at 01:18:14
By: ghenghisclown
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What happen after 1.d4,d6 2.Nf3,Bg4!?
I find very interesting,if you want to avoid KID and theoretical variation, play 1.d4,d6 2.Nf3,Bg4!? or 1.d4,Nf6 2.Nf3,g6 3.c4,Bg4!?
Are they playable?
In the first variatio...

Started 08/29/07 at 10:49:06 by FULLBOAT
8 3507 Last Post 09/05/07 at 08:32:50
By: Michael Ayton
Normal Topic
What do you play against The English?
I wonder what do you play against The English Opening?  Do you keep playing The King's Indian regardless of the English order of moves (Let's say: 1.c4 Nf6 2.Nc3 g6 3. g3 Bg7 and so on) or you play 1....

Started 08/18/11 at 00:54:46 by Pingudon
7 4224 Last Post 09/09/11 at 13:41:18
By: fling
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
What do you play against 1. e4
I am curious what other King's Indian players prepare for 1. e4
I've mainly worked on the Pirc since it occurs in 1.d4 Nf6 2.Nc3 lines among several others. 
However, I think th...

Started 01/17/03 at 09:46:34 by Wallace Hannum (Guest)
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20 9678 Last Post 07/09/06 at 08:32:47
By: H-HH
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
what do KID players play against e4?
just wonder what other KID players play against e4.  Bologan play c-k, Kasparov played Najdorf.  i heard some players like playing the pirc because the pawn structure is the same and lessens the study...

Started 08/25/09 at 12:47:07 by wcywing
10 3929 Last Post 08/30/09 at 10:11:43
By: wcywing
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What did white do wrong in these games?
Today there were 2 kid games in the tourney Open de Sants, Round 7.
Kunin - Mtnez Duani
Pogorelov - Almeida
both won by black, but where did white really commit an error,
or lost t...

Started 08/27/09 at 21:17:00 by battleangel (Ex Member)
1 1350 Last Post 08/27/09 at 21:28:19
By: kylemeister
Normal Topic
What books for Averbach system?
I already began a thread on Averbach System
1 d4 d6 2 e4 g6 3 c4 Bg7 4 Nc3
That I placed in this forum : on 4...Nf6 one gets a regular
But all books on KID bypass it , saying ...

Started 11/16/05 at 22:35:03 by photophore
7 3481 Last Post 11/19/05 at 13:11:08
By: Viking
Normal Topic
What are the best books on the KID?
Here is my situation. Against e4 I am solid with the caro-kann. Have been scoring well with it, been playing it for years, and know how to play most variations. My response to d4 has not been nearly s...

Started 05/20/10 at 11:06:19 by up and comer
8 3831 Last Post 05/21/10 at 10:16:16
By: dimis - Ex Member
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