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By: Confused_by_Theory
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In: Re: State of the trendy V...
By: TopNotch
Fianchetto Variation
Fianchetto Variation
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In: Re: exd4+Bd7 line
By: Confused_by_Theory
Four Pawns
Four Pawns
[E76-E79] & [A68-A69]
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In: Re: Four Pawns Attack wit...
By: Markovich
King's Indian King's Indian
Complete King's Indian [A41-42, A53-55, A68-69 & E60-99] with IM David Vigorito
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Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Non-critical KID line for White?
Hello everybody!
I'll soon participate in my first serious tournament for quite some time. As I've switched from 1.e4 to 1.d4 recently but haven't completed my repertoire yet, I'd like to ask if ...

Started 02/16/12 at 18:45:31 by Zwischenzugzwang
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39 18580 Last Post 04/03/12 at 18:15:45
By: Zwischenzugzwang
Normal Topic
Can Black avoid pawn storm lines in KID?
I'm considering alternative defenses against 1.d4.  Is it possible for Black to avoid playing all out kingside pawn storm lines with f5, f4, g5, etc?  That is, I'd like to play positions with...

Started 09/10/14 at 02:56:12 by zepled37
6 3346 Last Post 09/20/14 at 01:26:02
By: zepled37
Normal Topic
To Gallagher or not to Gallagher
Hi All,
To Gallagher or not to Gallagher is the question!!  What do people think of the book on the KID by Joseph Gallagher?  Which lines are still good and which aren't?  Ect!?!?!? 

Started 05/17/08 at 05:51:19 by Zatara
8 3560 Last Post 06/20/08 at 08:29:05
By: MarinFan
Normal Topic
KID what level
Hi all,
I am thinking what combination to play; the openings I am thinking of is the KID, Semi slav, and Vigus's play the slav.  So i am wondering till what level can on play the KID?  I guess th...

Started 04/26/09 at 03:50:13 by Zatara
8 3141 Last Post 05/23/09 at 04:11:12
By: Zatara
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
panno or otherwise
Hi all,
thanks for reading.  I am wondering how the Panno, as black, does vs the Fianchetto and Samiesch? Or is it  better to play c5 vs Samisch and the "gallagher" vs the Fianchetto or even d5 a...

Started 06/03/09 at 23:28:08 by Zatara
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36 11485 Last Post 06/09/09 at 09:39:06
By: TN
Normal Topic
the Benoni KID??
Hi all,
I am wondering why 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 0-0 5.Nf3 d6 6.Be2 c5 isn't played more?  I think it is due to 7. 0-0 Nc6 8.d5 Na5 and now 9Bf4??  Is that the case? 
Thanks,<br /...

Started 03/27/10 at 02:29:42 by Zatara
3 1920 Last Post 03/27/10 at 05:05:05
By: kylemeister
Normal Topic
GM Joe Gallagher's December King's Indian Update and 2 updated eBooks have just been posted at

Started 01/14/03 at 20:22:21 by yaltmax
5 3476 Last Post 07/09/03 at 12:03:18
By: yaltmax
Normal Topic
and what about the smyslov system, it looks dangerous for B

Started 02/08/06 at 19:46:27 by xtra(Guest) (Guest)
1 1247 Last Post 02/08/06 at 20:10:40
By: BladezII
Normal Topic
Where have all the King's Indians gone?
Until Gata Kamsky unexpectedly played the King's Indian today in the US Championship, we haven't seen it much in recent high level tournaments.  No KIDs in the Norway tournament so far  or the Candida...

Started 04/22/16 at 18:53:14 by WSS
4 3785 Last Post 04/28/16 at 00:58:40
By: TN
Normal Topic
Re: What is equalization?
Later edit : post transferred to General section

Started 11/19/05 at 04:51:45 by woofwoof
3 1908 Last Post 11/19/05 at 03:21:56
By: castlerock
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
what do KID players play against e4?
just wonder what other KID players play against e4.  Bologan play c-k, Kasparov played Najdorf.  i heard some players like playing the pirc because the pawn structure is the same and lessens the study...

Started 08/25/09 at 12:47:07 by wcywing
10 3930 Last Post 08/30/09 at 10:11:43
By: wcywing
Normal Topic
Martin's King's Indian Dvd 2d edition
Just wondering how different it is from his first dvd and is it worth getting; i will probably get it anyway, along with Bologan's dvd.

Started 12/15/09 at 23:02:22 by wcywing
4 2492 Last Post 02/04/10 at 18:33:56
By: toppace
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
What do you play against 1. e4
I am curious what other King's Indian players prepare for 1. e4
I've mainly worked on the Pirc since it occurs in 1.d4 Nf6 2.Nc3 lines among several others. 
However, I think th...

Started 01/17/03 at 09:46:34 by Wallace Hannum (Guest)
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20 9690 Last Post 07/09/06 at 08:32:47
By: H-HH
Normal Topic
Interesting KID game analysis
I played a teamleague game against a very strong opponent on FICS this week and he played the 9.Ne1 classical against me.  I am looking for your thoughts and analysis of the choices that I made especi...

Started 09/13/11 at 12:38:17 by walkingterrapin
9 4522 Last Post 09/17/11 at 01:41:18
By: BPaulsen
Normal Topic
KID Resources
Currently, i have these books..
1. Attacking Chess: King's Indian Vol 1 & 2 by Vigorito
probably going to be using these as references.
2. Joe Gallagher's Play the Kings Indian
3. ...

Started 10/11/16 at 15:43:27 by VKap
6 4609 Last Post 11/01/16 at 03:03:33
By: AntonioAg
Normal Topic
Quick question
I am an e4 player but against a certain opponent I think I have better chances playing against his Kings-Indian than against his Najdorf.
A few of his games have gone as follows and I am 95% sur...

Started 02/09/10 at 22:06:35 by VikingForce
4 1994 Last Post 02/12/10 at 09:12:51
By: Lou_Cyber
Normal Topic
Great overview of KID books by John Watson
John Watson Book Review #112 King's Indian Part I
IM John Watson - Tuesday 1st July 2014 ...

Started 07/08/14 at 10:48:18 by Vass
3 3900 Last Post 07/11/14 at 20:02:22
By: TonyRo
Normal Topic
KID 5 Be3 : Have Black better than 5..O-O ?
The line 1 d4 Nf6 2 c4 g6 3 Nc3 Bg7 4 e4 d6 5 Be3 is absent of all opening books
Yet ,the move 5 Be3 has been played between GMs , and the replay has always been 5..O-O with a Saemisch to follow<...

Started 08/11/13 at 10:14:39 by vallescure
8 6717 Last Post 08/13/13 at 10:50:27
By: vallescure
Normal Topic
KID Repertoire Book focused around ...e5 advance
I am getting back into the KID and looking for a good repertoire book that focuses on lines where Black plays an early ...e5 advance -- including the Classical main lines, of course, but also against ...

Started 01/22/09 at 16:00:45 by urusov
3 1580 Last Post 01/23/09 at 18:01:43
By: urusov
Normal Topic
Are there any other books I should read?
Hi, I have just returned to chess after a 2 year break and I'm looking to relearn the KID, one of my favorite openings. The book I'm studying right now is the Secrets of the Kings Indian by Gufeld and...

Started 10/24/08 at 17:41:09 by up and comer
5 2215 Last Post 11/17/08 at 02:53:57
By: Bibs
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