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London System 2 Nf3 & 3 Bf4, Neo-London System 2 Bf4 inc. Jobova-Prié Attack [A45-48, D00, D02]
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Poll: Your favorite black way to play against London sys
Everything is in the title !
Feel free to give your favorite black scheme !

Started 09/14/09 at 20:07:04 by Bubu13
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By: Girkassa
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5 4078 Last Post 02/13/18 at 13:19:58
By: TD
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Winning with the Modern London System by N Sedlak
It's about 1 d4 d5 2 Bf4. It will be available at 20th August 2016 according to "Schachversand Nigemann".
A publication by "Chess Evolution"... Maybe an interesting book?

Started 08/09/16 at 14:57:46 by alyechin
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15 16213 Last Post 08/20/17 at 12:35:14
By: GMTonyKosten
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Poll: What should a London player play against 1.e4?
Vote for what you think a London System player should play against 1.e4?

Started 10/17/11 at 06:48:38 by Anonymous3
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18 19039 Last Post 08/13/17 at 15:55:32
By: Avatar
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Unusual Q-Pawn opening 1.d4 d5 2.Bf4
Hi all,
I'm writing because I faced an unusual Kewpie (pronounced "QP") opening on Saturday against an expert.  I was pleased by the way my game turned out (he claimed he had an advantage but I'...

Started 08/29/05 at 02:36:32 by Smyslov_Fan
2 2005 Last Post 09/01/05 at 04:05:10
By: castlerock
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The London System - properly played by M Schmucker
This is another new book on the London System (although it only covers 1...d5 and recommends the 2.Nf3 move-order)! On the Schachversand Niggemann site,, It...

Started 11/25/16 at 02:25:55 by Anonymous3
6 6908 Last Post 11/27/17 at 00:29:00
By: Anonymous3
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The London System
Are there any masters or grandmasters that play the London System alot? I'd like to gather their games and look them over.  Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks very much.

Started 02/01/05 at 16:26:46 by mogath
0 3622 Last Post 02/01/05 at 16:26:45
By: mogath
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The London Opening
Seems like a bit overkill to cover all games with 2. Bf4 every single month? IMO facing stuff like the Trompowski and Torre Attack is much more common.

Started 10/26/11 at 23:34:09 by curtains
9 6897 Last Post 12/24/11 at 13:05:13
By: saubhikr
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The last 2 updates on the London System
I have several questions about the last two updates on the London System.
After 1 d4 d5 2 Bf4 c5 3 e3 Nc6 4 4 c3 Nf6 5 Nd2 Bf5 6 Nf3 e6 7 Qb3 the only moves that are covered are 7... Qd7 and 7.....

Started 01/25/08 at 03:17:11 by Anonymous (Ex Member)
2 1776 Last Post 01/26/08 at 20:27:15
By: Anonymous - Ex Member
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The Controversial London System
As a joke in another thread, I suggested that the London was at least as controversial as the BDG.  It was all tongue in cheek, but then a couple of responses suggested that there was indeed a good de...

Started 07/31/05 at 09:46:45 by HgMan
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120 73646 Last Post 09/15/11 at 14:39:20
By: Sandman
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The Agile London System by Alfonso Romero Holmes
What happened to this book? It's not mentioned on the site of New In Chess anymore

Started 07/25/16 at 14:48:29 by alyechin
9 10666 Last Post 01/30/17 at 10:50:51
By: TD
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Solution needed for 1. d4 d5, 2. Bf4 c6
I have a reasonable repertoire going for the London System, but there are a few lines that are ruining the opening for me! One of those is 2. c6! Then Qb6 happens.
What is the best solution to t...

Started 10/21/17 at 14:36:10 by Jon12345
3 3171 Last Post 11/23/17 at 12:24:27
By: TD
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September 2014 update
After 1.d4 d5 2.Bf4 c5 3.e4!? dxe4 4.d5 Nf6 5.Nc3, Richard Palliser gives the move 5...g6 a "?!" due to 6.Nb5! Na6 7.d6!. However, I don't see compensation for White after 7...Be6!. This is similar to...

Started 09/16/14 at 02:58:59 by Anonymous3
7 3731 Last Post 09/24/14 at 13:17:08
By: GMTonyKosten
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Sedlak's Modern London vs Romero's Agile London.
Of these two new books on the London System, which do you think is better?
Sedlak's Winning with the Modern London System
Romero's The Agile London System?

Started 10/06/16 at 12:33:48 by backgammon
6 6052 Last Post 08/16/18 at 12:19:26
By: gillbod
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Ron Henley Foxy DVD's
Anybody seen the new DVD's on the London by Ron Henley for Foxy?
What are they like?

Started 08/15/17 at 22:45:41 by backgammon
4 2959 Last Post 08/18/17 at 04:46:36
By: Bibs
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Reccomended way to meet the London system
I have been playing 1...Nf6 and after f4 c5 but i think there must be a better method.
any repetoire outlines? i have actually scored pretty poorly in practise against this system. ie i actually ...

Started 10/07/08 at 18:21:03 by Chessmoby
2 2202 Last Post 10/08/08 at 00:43:48
By: MNb
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Problematic London System line
After 1 d4 d5 2 Bf4, 2...Bf5, 3...e6 and 4...Bd6 seems to me to be a very easy and quick equalizer for Black and can lead to some very dull positions. I know that Black has other ways to equalize agai...

Started 01/25/10 at 23:20:07 by Anonymous3
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23 14326 Last Post 05/20/10 at 07:43:35
By: TN
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Play the London System
By Cyrus Lakdawala is now out. Anybody have it? And would they care to share a review?  Smiley

Started 08/19/10 at 05:28:54 by Seth_Xoma
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27 23714 Last Post 12/15/11 at 18:56:19
By: saubhikr
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New playable London System eBook
The new-style playable London System eBook has just been uploaded. Get it while it's hot!! Wink

Started 06/04/09 at 15:26:01 by GMTonyKosten
5 9318 Last Post 10/29/14 at 17:47:50
By: GMTonyKosten
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New Fritz Trainer: 1.d4 d5 2.Bf4 in 60 minutes
Chessbase just released a new Fritz Trainer by GM Henrik Danielsen which focuses on double d-pawn London systems.
I'm curren...

Started 04/08/12 at 12:31:39 by atticus
7 10294 Last Post 10/07/15 at 14:59:24
By: Mainline_Novelty
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