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Steinitz 4 e5, 4 Bg5, McCutcheon, Alekhine Chatard Attack & Hecht-Reefschlaeger [C10-14]
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Positional approach vs. McCutcheon, almost a TN
5. e5 h6 6.Bf4!? and then on 6...Ne4 7.Nge2 and Black does not get the tactical melee that he seems to be depending on with the McCutcheon.  Fits in with another digression I'm adopting against the ma...

Started 06/04/24 at 10:48:44 by George Jempty
4 365 Last Post 06/07/24 at 10:40:08
By: MartinC
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ChessPublishing eBook, Sep 2021
There is a new Ebook available on the Classical French and Rubenstein variations. The authors are the ChessPublishing team, primarily Neil McDonald, John Watson, and Kevin Goh Wei Ming. It is availabl...

Started 09/16/21 at 16:38:07 by FreeRepublic
0 708 Last Post 09/16/21 at 16:38:07
By: FreeRepublic
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Burn Variation
I was thinking of taking up the French again after many years, and am trying to decide what to play against 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.Bg5.  I always disliked the McCutcheon, and am not really keen to give up the da...

Started 05/29/20 at 10:53:09 by Monocle
2 1979 Last Post 06/01/20 at 12:57:22
By: tapchess
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"Beginner" Resources on the Steinitz 5.f4
I currently play the Advance against the French, using Collins' old book in conjunction with Sveshnikov's old work and some own analysis.
I'm not too unhappy with the line, but I'd stil...

Started 08/13/18 at 17:06:11 by IsaVulpes
3 3617 Last Post 08/14/18 at 06:29:01
By: nestor
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C10: French 3.h6 !?
Hi all,
I found recently a guy playing this line :
1.e4 e6
2.d4 d5
3.Nc3 h6 !? the waiting move.
while the move seems wasting tempo, but it's far from easy to take immediate a...

Started 06/29/04 at 00:42:51 by Susanto (Guest)
9 7759 Last Post 05/14/18 at 07:47:04
By: Michael Ayton
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C11: How to bust Black Gambit in Steinitz
Hey All,
Does anyone have a bust to the following gambit? I know that 13...b5 is bad, but how do you combat 13...b6? I've encountered this in blitz a few times and it is difficult to play against...

Started 05/19/17 at 18:20:40 by Reverse
5 5284 Last Post 03/01/18 at 15:49:16
By: Bancrates
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Death of the Hecht-Reefschlaeger??
GM Luther reckons that this approach with 10.cxd3 and playing for good Knight v bad Bishop is big trouble for Black. Would be interested in thoughts/suggestions etc. as he seems to be on to something ...

Started 08/30/17 at 19:28:14 by ACReed
9 7697 Last Post 09/01/17 at 19:35:03
By: Glenn Snow
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Status of Morozevich's 9...g5
What is the theoretical status of Morozevich's 9...g5 in the 7...a6 line of the Steinitz/Boleslavsky?  Below I'm giving the score from a FICGS game of mine below (where I now have a forced checkmate) ...

Started 12/31/16 at 12:17:32 by George Jempty
0 2714 Last Post 12/31/16 at 12:17:32
By: George Jempty
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French Defense Update August 2015
I noticed my game against Bart Michiels was discussed by IM John Watson:
He mentions that black has played before 12...Rc8 followed by

Started 09/19/15 at 09:15:41 by brabo
2 4031 Last Post 11/12/16 at 10:41:24
By: chessfreak
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C14: What's the latest on Albin-Chatard attack?
Hi everyone,
I am considering studying the Albin-chatard attack of the french defense (1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.Bg5 Be7 5.e5 Nfd7 6.h4) and I was wondering what is the latest opinion of this l...

Started 01/15/11 at 23:35:55 by everalexfor
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15 19490 Last Post 10/09/16 at 11:12:32
By: flaviddude
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C08: A forgotten line against the Classical
I have for sometime now been persevering with a line against the French Classical which Tim Harding described as obsolete some 35 years ago. The analysis has been mostly from blitz games on the net re...

Started 07/13/14 at 12:48:16 by alnilam
5 8482 Last Post 03/06/15 at 22:57:34
By: Pcal
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C11: Steinitz: 7. Be3 Qb6
So, I am getting tired of playing against the steinitz for black and was looking for a way to complicate things.  Is this variation playable?  The line goes like this.
e4 e6 d4 d5 nc3 nf6 e5 nfd7...

Started 06/09/13 at 00:39:53 by chidori251
5 8192 Last Post 06/02/14 at 20:32:11
By: brabo
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C11: Steinitz French 5 f4 c5 6 Nf3 Nc6 7 Be3 Qb6
I played a tournament game this weekend in which the above line occurred, and I mixed up my preparation and played 8 Qd2?? Qxb2 9 Rb1 Qa3 10 Rb3(?) Qa5 11 Bb5 c4 12 Rb1 Bb4 13 Rxb4 Qxb4 -/+.  That I t...

Started 04/14/14 at 15:41:16 by OrangeCounty
6 7086 Last Post 05/23/14 at 23:18:12
By: BladezII
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C12-C14: Best variation for black after 4.Bg5?
1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 Nf6 4. Bg5... what answer for black is scoring better? A) 4... de4... 5. ..Be7-- or B) 4...de4 5... Nbd7 C)  MacCutcheon d) 4...Be7Or should we try our luck in  E) the Winawer. I...

Started 01/05/13 at 16:23:43 by Pingudon
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18 26925 Last Post 02/20/14 at 04:30:23
By: BladezII
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C11: Steinitz with 4...Ng8
MartinC wrote on 01/20/13 at 10:22:59:
Goodness knows. This stuff always leaves me very confused! It doesn't look as logical as g5 of course but then again you are wiping out whites passed pawn.
Obviously many more options than jus...

Started 01/21/13 at 05:06:50 by sloughter
1 3003 Last Post 01/21/13 at 15:43:35
By: Smyslov_Fan
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C12: Free MacCutcheon ebook
I saw this free ebook at Amazon today. I don't know how long it'll be free.
The French MacCutcheon (Chess is Fun)
The au

Started 08/18/12 at 21:09:45 by Carld
8 6498 Last Post 08/20/12 at 18:57:23
By: Carld
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C11: French in Russian Super Final
Some French games in "Russian Super Final" ...
Got here:
Click "Men" to download PGN game file
Classical Boleslavsky
[Event "62nd ch-RUS"]

Started 01/03/10 at 11:48:24 by dom
1 3535 Last Post 08/08/12 at 20:59:37
By: dom
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C11-C14: How do I learn Steinitz French for White?
This is my first post here, so go easy on me please! I'm a 2050 FIDE rated player looking to play 3.Nc3 against the French. I'm not too bothered about the Winawer - I'll play Jonny Hector's 4...

Started 01/07/11 at 21:15:21 by befuddled
8 7020 Last Post 01/13/11 at 11:17:15
By: TN
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C11: the non Winawer lines in Play the French 3
First, I know there was a recent post that touched on this, but I hope nobody minds me putting both lines together here.
I recently decided to give the French another go, having given up ...

Started 09/05/10 at 15:21:54 by Glen_Rotten
7 5614 Last Post 09/18/10 at 09:10:23
By: dom
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C13: the alekhine-chatard
what is considered the most solid response to this gambit?

Started 02/14/10 at 13:13:55 by endali
3 3082 Last Post 02/14/10 at 20:43:59
By: Smyslov_Fan
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