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Steinitz 4 e5, 4 Bg5, McCutcheon, Alekhine Chatard Attack & Hecht-Reefschlaeger [C10-14]
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Status of Morozevich's 9...g5
What is the theoretical status of Morozevich's 9...g5 in the 7...a6 line of the Steinitz/Boleslavsky?  Below I'm giving the score from a FICGS game of mine below (where I now have a forced checkmate) ...

Started 12/31/16 at 12:17:32 by George Jempty
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By: George Jempty
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I am thinking about playing the McCutcheon but it does not seem to be popular at elite level: can someone advise what the critical lines are now please?

Started 01/29/19 at 21:56:30 by Krudos
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11 3471 Last Post 04/10/20 at 18:25:04
By: LeeRoth
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Mastering the French by Lenderman and Tillis
Hi French section,
I am taking up the French defense and I am considering buying "Mastering the French" by Lenderman and Tillis on chessable. Mostly because I like the format and the videos are u...

Started 05/23/20 at 18:10:58 by HAJS
7 1318 Last Post 05/24/20 at 19:56:13
By: Stigma
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French Defense Update August 2015
I noticed my game against Bart Michiels was discussed by IM John Watson:
He mentions that black has played before 12...Rc8 followed by

Started 09/19/15 at 09:15:41 by brabo
2 3191 Last Post 11/12/16 at 10:41:24
By: chessfreak
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Death of the Hecht-Reefschlaeger??
GM Luther reckons that this approach with 10.cxd3 and playing for good Knight v bad Bishop is big trouble for Black. Would be interested in thoughts/suggestions etc. as he seems to be on to something ...

Started 08/30/17 at 19:28:14 by ACReed
9 5372 Last Post 09/01/17 at 19:35:03
By: Glenn Snow
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C14: What's the latest on Albin-Chatard attack?
Hi everyone,
I am considering studying the Albin-chatard attack of the french defense (1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.Bg5 Be7 5.e5 Nfd7 6.h4) and I was wondering what is the latest opinion of this l...

Started 01/15/11 at 23:35:55 by everalexfor
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15 15081 Last Post 10/09/16 at 11:12:32
By: flaviddude
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C14: French Classical 7.Nb5 (Alapin)
Hi, I searched through the threads here but could only find brief mentions of the line, 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.Bg5 Be7 5.e5 Nfd7 6.Be7 Qe7 7.Nb5!?
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* * * * * * * *

Started 04/04/10 at 22:32:41 by Smyslov_Fan
3 2171 Last Post 04/08/10 at 01:29:50
By: Smyslov_Fan
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C14: Classical main line analysis
I’m new to putting analysis on here, and indeed the French defence which I am thinking about taking up, so I thought I’d start with a game I played against Fritz 8 in the classical French main line ac...

Started 03/05/06 at 21:11:24 by richardpitts
0 1147 Last Post 03/05/06 at 21:11:23
By: richardpitts
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C14: Cb5 in classical variation...
i have see many theory/books/video did not mention about the move should i face it?
1. e4 e6
2. d4 d5
3. Nc3 Nf6
4. Bg5 Be7
5. e5 Nfd7
6. Bxe7 Qxe7
7. f4 0...

Started 03/14/07 at 17:42:33 by torreattack
9 5034 Last Post 03/19/07 at 19:31:57
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C14: Alapin's Nb5 in the French Classical
In the french classical after: 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.Bg5 Be7 5.e5 Nfd7 6.Bxe7 Qxe7 7.Nb5 (Alapin's move) the critical continuation as given by several authors is: ...Nb6 8.c3 a6 9.Na3. Now Jacob...

Started 04/29/06 at 17:04:39 by good knight(Guest) (Guest)
0 1141 Last Post 04/29/06 at 17:04:38
By: good knight(Guest) (Guest)
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C14 question
I want to ask what is for your opinion the best defense at this variation for black?I knew the plan that I played from the Nh3-Nf4 and Q at g4 variation (the plan with g6,h5,Nc6 etc with 0-0-0).

Started 01/31/12 at 12:10:08 by dimis (Ex Member)
5 3232 Last Post 02/11/12 at 20:08:35
By: dom
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C13: What to play vs Alekhine-Chatard?
Would any of you French Classical gurus care to give your opinion, what should one play against the Alekhine-Chatard (1) for a win; (2) for a draw (if different)?

Started 09/20/06 at 17:13:58 by Markovich
12 4938 Last Post 11/28/06 at 01:35:02
By: MNb
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C13: What do you think can you show an improvement
1.e4 e5
2.d4 d5
3.nc3 nf6
4.Bg5 Be7
5.e5 Nfd7
6.h4 Bxg5
7.hxg5 qxg5
8.Nb5 Na6
9.Nh3 Qe7
10.Qg4 f5
11.Qg3 Nf8
12.o-o-o Bd7
13.Nf4 Bxb5

Started 08/11/05 at 18:42:21 by basqueknight (Ex Member)
14 4886 Last Post 08/14/05 at 11:23:30
By: Smyslov_Fan
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C13: the alekhine-chatard
what is considered the most solid response to this gambit?

Started 02/14/10 at 13:13:55 by endali
3 2413 Last Post 02/14/10 at 20:43:59
By: Smyslov_Fan
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C13: In praise of Ivanchuk-Volkov 2005
Make sure you play through the great Ivanchuk-Volkov attacking game if you have interest in the ... gxf6 Burn. GM McDonald covers it in this months update. I watched it live and it was awesome! None o...

Started 10/31/05 at 13:46:04 by notyetagm
5 3062 Last Post 11/03/05 at 00:50:56
By: lnn2
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C13: help on line in classical
1 e4 e6 2. d5 d5 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.Bg5 Be7 5.e5 Ng8 I had this played on me in a tournament today. I played Be3 and was outplayed by a much higher rated player.
I gather the gambit 5. h4 does not work...

Started 08/12/07 at 13:48:14 by flaviddude
3 1808 Last Post 08/16/07 at 10:37:08
By: flaviddude
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C13: Chatard-Alekhine Attack revisited
There's an older thread about the White side of the Chatard-Alekhine attack (1 e4 e6 2 d4 d5 3 Nc3 Nf6 4 Bg5 Be7 5 e5 Nfd7 6 h4), but I was hoping to open a discussion of this variation from the Black...

Started 01/29/05 at 17:05:55 by HgMan
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117 69188 Last Post 12/07/11 at 22:16:03
By: Smyslov_Fan
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C13: Castling kingside refuted? inAlekhine-Chatard
I think that castling kingside is not easy to play.
But In the game Perez Candelario - Sola Plaza (last review) Black have some improves.
One is play 9...Nc6 and after 10. f4 pla...

Started 09/16/08 at 07:36:25 by Sloyo
5 2742 Last Post 01/18/09 at 16:34:02
By: bigbelly
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C13: Alekhine-Chatard Gambit
Hello friends
          i want to discuss Alekhine-Chatard Gambit...Its a gambit with h4..What are your recommendation on it ??
[Event "Survey"]
[Site "Opening"]
[Date "1993.??.??"...

Started 08/13/13 at 05:50:18 by chandrashekharkoravi
14 13963 Last Post 06/05/14 at 20:56:30
By: chandrashekharkoravi
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C13: Alekhine-Chatard Attack Question
I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the following line: 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 2.Nc3 Nf6 4.Bg5 Be7 5.e5 Nfd7 6.h4!? h6 (this move is generally thought to be dubious but I think it may good and I'm not su...

Started 12/04/11 at 09:02:10 by Anonymous3
14 13388 Last Post 04/18/12 at 12:56:13
By: Paddy
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