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Video of the month
GM Simon Williams is doing a new series of videos for ChessPublishing (Video of the month, see the Home page). The first one is on the Classical Dutch (which is well timed as Glenn just covered two of...

Started 06/27/14 at 11:10:22 by GMTonyKosten
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22 17321 Last Post 08/23/14 at 11:29:29
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Support down?
Hi, yesterday evening and this morning a mail to support bounced back. Is the support down?

Started 11/26/13 at 08:19:59 by Lou_Cyber
2 2846 Last Post 11/26/13 at 12:01:24
By: Lou_Cyber
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How to download in the Owen?
Browsing through the Owen Section, I have found 4 interesting games (Wells - Minasian, Kramnik - Ehlvest, Maljutin - Kramnik, and Tkachiev - Minasian). But if I try to download them with the PGN games...

Started 01/07/11 at 12:01:33 by BABYBIRD
4 2728 Last Post 01/07/11 at 20:23:48
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Ebook Chapters?
I just noticed a few days ago that the PDF download page now has an "eBook Chapter" download in PGN format (not CBV).  Was that there before?  What exactly is it, an overview of the mainlines in PGN f...

Started 02/21/09 at 15:43:46 by ChessMonkey
6 3911 Last Post 06/28/09 at 12:47:52
By: GMTonyKosten
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Where does Owen's Defense belong on Chesspub?
Someone was discussing 1.e4 b6 on Flank Openings and I assumed there was a better place for it.  But scanning over the pdf files, I can find no treatment of it anywhere.  Am I missing something?

Started 04/28/09 at 19:06:44 by Markovich
2 1606 Last Post 04/30/09 at 18:55:00
By: nyoke
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Can we eliminate the 1500 game limit for PGN?
Why keep the 1500 game limit?
The vast majority of people have at least an ISBN connection.  
It doesn't take long (less than a minute) to download a few megabytes of data.  And such a small size ...

Started 03/02/09 at 22:18:13 by Nietzsche
6 2652 Last Post 03/23/09 at 10:37:53
By: GMTonyKosten
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Come on 18 euros is not 19.5 bucks. Admins follow the the currency at least a bit.

Started 03/07/09 at 08:38:22 by Rebel-Yell
14 4339 Last Post 03/11/09 at 02:23:11
By: Bibs
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Opening Trends in Computer Chess.
A new section was started today on looking at how computers are playing the openings for Gold Plus members. I would be very interested to hear what subscribers think of it. The fir...

Started 02/14/09 at 22:37:56 by Harvey Williamson
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29 8682 Last Post 03/06/09 at 20:13:29
By: Harvey Williamson
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PDF book - single download page?
I'd like to ask for another time - this would be a very very very nice tool....
Matemax wrote on 11/14/08 at 12:15:05:
Somewhere else I placed the suggestion to make one single pdf-download page for Gold Plus subscribers. It would ...

... as PDF books are always topical it would be

Started 02/03/09 at 19:15:17 by Matemax
2 1250 Last Post 02/05/09 at 14:56:06
By: Matemax
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies) Poll
Poll: Authors
Vote for your favorite author. I could only put 10 options in the poll and there are 12 authors so I decided to put the nine authors that I thought would be the...

Started 04/30/08 at 04:43:37 by Anonymous (Ex Member)
10 4114 Last Post 05/24/08 at 01:57:59
By: Chevalier
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Hunt for Chess Octobers
Is it just me or did we miss some October contributions in a few sections?
Or did they perchance get eaten by the hacking intruder?
Just wondering seeing as how seems this hasn't been menti...

Started 11/02/07 at 10:24:53 by Bibs
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29 10809 Last Post 01/21/08 at 18:29:23
By: GMTonyKosten
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Past issues & PGN archive
Does the PGN archive contain all the games in all the issues or must I download them both??

Started 01/17/08 at 22:13:27 by Chess_Addict
2 1294 Last Post 01/17/08 at 22:48:12
By: Chess_Addict
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Download games-Does it contain all games till date
I am a gold member and downloaded the e4-e5 games today morning. Does this cover all games till today ? Wanted to confirm it includes the games in latest e4-e5 article that came up in the chesspublish...

Started 01/14/08 at 04:47:07 by saubhikr
1 1184 Last Post 01/14/08 at 16:50:18
By: GMTonyKosten
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Tony Kosten LIVE in the Austrian League
4 days of chess in Austria - T. Kosten playing for "Holz Dohr" - live games:

Started 01/10/08 at 16:01:02 by Matemax
2 2656 Last Post 01/14/08 at 16:46:07
By: GMTonyKosten
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John Watson's Recent Review of
Congratulations to everyone at for John Watson's recent review at The Week in Chess ( His rave review is well deserved, in my o...

Started 12/01/04 at 18:15:46 by RedIvan
8 8247 Last Post 01/14/08 at 15:38:35
By: Dink Heckler
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What happened to the site?
Something's not right here. A web-based business simply disappears for over a week, without so much as a 'site under construction - come back later'. That's absolutely shambolic, and subscribers deser...

Started 10/26/07 at 15:34:03 by Dink Heckler
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26 16877 Last Post 01/10/08 at 21:55:23
By: Fernando Semprun
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies) Poll
Poll: Is a silly name?
I've often wondered why this site was originally called, as we never publish anything in the tradtional sense! Wouldn't it be more logical if it was called or openi...

Started 05/19/07 at 10:18:33 by GMTonyKosten
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27 9733 Last Post 01/01/08 at 11:15:26
By: GMTonyKosten
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Remember remember stuff in November
Any sight of Dragon stuff perchance? Or is Chris perhaps busy dancing in Blackpool or something?
Flank replacement been unearthed...?
festive regards,

Started 12/14/07 at 14:39:15 by Bibs
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15 5874 Last Post 12/18/07 at 19:38:00
By: Dragan Glas
Normal Topic
Updates that haven't been posted
Is there a possibility that the missing updates are going to be posted any time soon? Flank Openings hasn't been updated since September and Dragons since October.
I am not a person who will ask ...

Started 12/14/07 at 15:39:51 by juanitoguate
2 1282 Last Post 12/14/07 at 18:08:11
By: GMTonyKosten
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Error Downloading Files from Search Function
I don't know if this is the appropriate place to bring a technical support related issue with Chess Pub.
I am a member of Chess Publishing.  My username is: NSokolovski.

I am 'rebuild...

Started 09/28/06 at 03:49:20 by NSokolovski
3 1374 Last Post 10/01/06 at 20:46:23
By: NSokolovski
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