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Nimzo-Indian [E20-59]
Moderator: TN
180 1995 Last Post 03/17/19 at 16:00:26
In: Re: Nimzo-Indian with 4.B...
By: kylemeister
QID  (2 Viewing)
Queen's Indian [E12-E19]
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48 549 Last Post 08/16/19 at 23:03:15
In: Re: Tiviakov: Queen's Ind...
By: kylemeister
Bogo-Indian  (1 Viewing)
[E11] & Keres Defence 2...Bb4+ [A40]
Moderator: TN
33 306 Last Post 01/22/19 at 10:17:59
In: Re: Irritating Bogo-India...
By: MNb
Two Knights Tango [A50]

18 351 Last Post 08/14/13 at 15:59:29
In: Re: Can I play Tango as m...
By: chandrashekharkoravi
Modern Benoni
Modern Benoni
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86 1001 Last Post 09/02/18 at 06:55:12
In: Re: Benoni - Modern Main...
By: Glenn Snow
Weird Benonis
Weird Benonis
Czech Benoni, Schmid Benoni, Snake Benoni [A40, A43-44 & A60]
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38 452 Last Post 07/08/19 at 22:29:32
In: Re: a good/dubious pseudo...
By: BeeCaves
Nimzo and Benonis Nimzo and Benonis
Benoni, Nimzo, QI, Bogo, etc. [A40, A43-44, A50, A56, A60-A79 & E10-59] with GM John Emms
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Avoiding the catalan with c5
When i am aiming for the catalan with d4 Nf6 c4 e6 g3 some players seem to play c5 and trying to avoid the catalan. I really have some problems with this move order, because i think the two moves that...

Started 08/05/10 at 15:23:58 by Waster
7 7075 Last Post 11/05/10 at 00:05:14
By: battleangel - Ex Member
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Forthcoming Palliser's book How to play against d4
On the site of Everyman, this book is announced for september 2009.
As the recommended weapon for black will be the Czech Benoni, I...

Started 04/30/09 at 18:56:38 by thibdb13
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49 28118 Last Post 10/24/10 at 08:00:53
By: BabySnake
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Nc3 or Nf3
I've been playing 3. Nf3 as White after 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6, but I'm considering experimenting with Nc3. I'm not really sure if I should do it or not, so I want to get some feedback about what to expec...

Started 05/24/09 at 01:44:01 by Scott
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41 15112 Last Post 05/16/10 at 19:51:55
By: MNb
Normal Topic
The Sosonko-Kramnik gambit!!
the soosonko-kramnik gambit is the best option (in my opinion) for white if he plays the catalan ,like i do. I starts 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.g3 c5 4.d5 exd5 5.cxd5 b5!? [very popular lately!- 5..d6=Modern...

Started 10/10/09 at 21:55:01 by Alexander Karapiperis
1 1912 Last Post 10/29/09 at 18:36:50
By: BirdBrain
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Starting out with the Nimzo/QID
Usualy I played the QGD against d4, but I found it to passive and I did not realy find any ways to fight for an advantage.  Sad So I decided to pick up the Nimzo and QID.  Grin
I took a loo...

Started 06/17/09 at 13:20:56 by jitb
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15 9217 Last Post 08/25/09 at 08:17:30
By: slates
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
What do you play versus 3. a3?
Hi. Long-time lurker and learner, first-time poster here. is a terrific site with information that has really helped my understanding of the game.
I like to play the Nimzo, bu...

Started 12/31/06 at 12:57:22 by Marno
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28 11393 Last Post 07/30/09 at 22:00:25
By: kylemeister
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies) Poll closed
Poll: Which Benoni setup?
I'd like to know which Benoni setup you think offer black the most aggressive position. I do not want to know which one is the soundest (can a Benoni really be sound?) but which one offer black the ag...

Started 06/22/09 at 17:57:25 by thibdb13
11 4851 Last Post 06/29/09 at 20:07:19
By: Markovich
Normal Topic
Play Benoni instead of Bogo
I want to start to play the Benoni instead of the bogo. I play the Nimzo against 3.Nc3.
After experimenting with 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 c5 , I noticed alot of players do not go for 4.d5. Instead ...

Started 06/17/09 at 06:49:49 by MrCookie
2 1791 Last Post 06/17/09 at 13:21:27
By: Viceroy
Normal Topic
4. a3 and 4 pawns resources
Hey guys,
First time poster in the Nimzo and Benoni forum. 2100 FIDE, looking to create an attacking 1. d4 repertoire. Which sources do you recommend in the 4. a3 Nimzo and the 4 pawns Benoni?

Started 02/09/09 at 05:10:15 by miamisharks
3 1807 Last Post 02/10/09 at 12:38:19
By: Schaakhamster
Normal Topic
Why is this forum less active than others?
It seems really odd to me that this forum section is much less active than most of the others at chesspub.  The only forum that has less posts is the KID forum.  The KID forum only covers 1 defense to...

Started 02/04/09 at 14:24:19 by Eclectico
7 2837 Last Post 02/06/09 at 12:42:07
By: Willempie
Normal Topic
Anti-Benoni's - (one more question)
To the Benoni players: what are you playing against following continuations?
1. d4-Nf6 2.Nf3-c5 3.c3
1. d4-Nf6 2.Nf3-c5 3.e3  and what when 3...-cd4 4.ed4-Nc6 5.c3
Other question: which...

Started 01/22/09 at 08:15:22 by thibdb13
4 2134 Last Post 01/23/09 at 18:07:51
By: cyronix - Ex Member
Normal Topic
what about Nf3 and g3
Hi all,
So I hear the Nimzo is a good active defence!!!  However the "problem" seems to be what to play vs Nf3 or G3 instead of Nc3.  One can play Benoni but modern defence looks formidable and Q...

Started 01/07/09 at 19:55:52 by Zatara
3 1599 Last Post 01/08/09 at 02:19:11
By: MNb
Normal Topic
Nimzo vs QID as white. Why allow Nimzo ? Why QID ?
I am intending to start playing  1.d4 . Sooner rather than later I have to make a choice. One of the most important choice for a 1.d4 player I guess. To choose between allowing the Nimzo or the Queens...

Started 09/28/08 at 23:11:17 by Novosibirsk
9 4706 Last Post 10/11/08 at 16:10:48
By: MNb
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Fighting the anti-benoni
After Dembo's book about the anti-King's Indians, I wondered if someone is preparing a comparable book for the Benoni players... Huh
Dembo's book is very interesting for the early d4-deviations (...

Started 08/17/08 at 15:51:45 by thibdb13
11 4335 Last Post 08/18/08 at 17:12:32
By: kylemeister
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Dangerous weapons: the benoni and benko
Does someone know which lines will be presented in this book?

Started 06/19/08 at 11:26:32 by thibdb13
13 5914 Last Post 07/29/08 at 06:01:37
By: Anonymous2
Normal Topic
Congratulation  GM John Emms.
I thought that your current posting was very good. 

Started 01/12/08 at 13:08:40 by flaviddude
0 1275 Last Post 01/12/08 at 13:08:40
By: flaviddude
Normal Topic
Fighting the anti King's indians - Gallagher
I am still looking for a book about anti-benoni systems (including the English) and I thought Gallagher's book could be quite interesting. What do you think?
By the way, it seems this book is qui...

Started 11/26/07 at 07:03:42 by thibdb13
4 2783 Last Post 01/12/08 at 13:04:55
By: flaviddude
Normal Topic
What type of player are you?
I have been studying the Art of Learning presentations by Waitzkin in the new Chessmaster. One thing he stressed was being true to yourself and playing chess that reflects that. I see myself as a fair...

Started 11/10/07 at 22:49:30 by exigentsky
8 3075 Last Post 12/27/07 at 12:04:25
By: flaviddude
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
From whites point of view:Nimzo or Queens Indian?
This question is from whites point of view. After 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3. ?????? (Catalan is out of the question).
Yes..this is the question. What to play now and ......why 3. Nc3 ? or why 3. Nf3 ? I...

Started 09/25/07 at 21:21:30 by kalle99
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29 10995 Last Post 12/25/07 at 04:48:36
By: Darthmambo
Normal Topic Poll
Poll: Interesting Positional Question
Since I can't display FEN here, please look here for the question.
BTW: Ironically, while RHP supports FEN, it does not support polls...

Started 11/13/07 at 03:58:04 by exigentsky
1 1267 Last Post 11/13/07 at 06:10:01
By: exigentsky
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