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Pirc 4 Bf4: Best Lines/Move Orders
There is no shortage of ways to meet the Pirc defence (1.e4 d6 2.d4 Nf6 3.Nc3 g6). Already at move four white has quite a wide choice of moves and not least of these are the two bishop...

Started 02/06/18 at 19:03:04 by Confused_by_Theory
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121 30584 Last Post 06/28/20 at 09:26:21
By: Confused_by_Theory
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Austrian 150 Attack
I've been experimenting with playing e4, d4, Nc3, Be3 and now f4.
It's not mentioned much in books, as chapters on the 150 Attack concentrate on the regular themes without mentioning the f4 idea ...

Started 12/17/18 at 12:53:46 by RdC
11 2803 Last Post 01/08/20 at 20:22:56
By: MartinC
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The Classical Pirc
I just watched parts of GM Hammer's video series on 1.e4 for Chess24. Worth a look if you want some decent line to play that is not terribly hard to understand.
He actually recommends on...

Started 10/18/19 at 11:21:28 by Confused_by_Theory
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10 1751 Last Post 10/21/19 at 15:00:08
By: Confused_by_Theory
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Seirawan’s games (and analysis) with 8 ... fxe6
Whilst we wait for Marin’s QC book on the Pirc to be published ...
I was wondering if anybody knew of any games that Seirawan played with his 8 ... fxe6 TN in the Austrian Attack.
All i’ve b...

Started 10/22/17 at 17:40:27 by JonathanB
3 2424 Last Post 10/23/17 at 10:45:01
By: RdC
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150 Attack
It's amazing how strong the 150 Attack can be against slightly dubious play. Here's a case in point. 7. h3 isn't necessary and 9 e5 is a fairly routine punt. By playing 9. .. Nd7 instead of 9. .. dxe5...

Started 10/04/17 at 22:16:54 by RdC
7 6022 Last Post 10/07/17 at 14:40:53
By: Stigma
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Non Pirc Move Ordering
I find that, with increasing regularity, my 'Pirc' games are starting 1.e4 d6; 2.c4 Now I know that if I play ...c5 I'm entering Sicilian waters which are not familiar to me while 2...Nf6 lead to all ...

Started 08/12/17 at 12:01:27 by ham204
8 3435 Last Post 08/13/17 at 23:26:17
By: huibui
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Repertoire books vs Pirc
I have been collating the choices of various repertoire books vs the Pirc. I'd be grateful if you can fill any gaps.[tr][td]Year,Publisher,Author,Title,Rep
1975,Oxford University Press,W...
Austrian     10
Be3/f3       9
Nf3            8
Bg5           6
3. Bd3        3
3. f3           2
g3              2
Bc4            2
Be3/g4       1
Grand Prix   1
Spike          1

Started 09/23/16 at 14:00:49 by JEH
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39 19684 Last Post 06/20/17 at 09:30:56
By: picasso911
Normal Topic
The Modern Pirc by Viktor Bologan
I put it here because of the title but there are some modernish lines too:
1.e4 g6
02: 2.h4 d5 3.h5/e5/...

Started 02/01/17 at 13:37:41 by AJZ
4 5688 Last Post 02/03/17 at 00:56:53
By: Anon
Normal Topic
Move Order Issue in Marin's Pirc DVD?
So, Marin recommends 1 e4 d6 2 d4 Nf6 3 Nc3 g6 4 Be3 Bg7 5 Qd2 0-0, and consequently, 4 Bg5 Bg7 5 Qd2 0-0, which is liable to transpose following Bh6.
What I'm confused about is what happens afte...

Started 10/06/15 at 18:55:35 by Mainline_Novelty
3 3591 Last Post 05/18/16 at 23:31:56
By: Keano
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Is it time for me to say farewell to the Pirc?
Dear Aunty Chesspub,
The first e4 defence I "learned" as a teen was the Dragon. I knew little theory. When I got to a point of thinking I needed to learn some, I got a bit scared  Shocked
Then I...

Started 10/27/15 at 11:33:51 by JEH
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28 16911 Last Post 05/16/16 at 18:01:18
By: dunne
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Attacking with the Pirc by Dejan Bojkov
The DVD was released in 2013 but I can't find reviews besides:

Started 05/05/16 at 08:32:50 by AJZ
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18 12962 Last Post 05/06/16 at 14:45:57
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6. e5 Austrian Attack -- Black can easily equalize
It seems that with 8... Nxc3 Black can easily equalize against White's 6. e5 in the Austrian attack. Does White have anything in this line that I am missing?
[pgn][Event "?"]
[Site "?"]

Started 02/14/16 at 18:53:11 by NegiRefutes (Ex Member)
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24 14052 Last Post 03/07/16 at 16:32:15
By: Confused_by_Theory
Normal Topic
Pirc Classical 6...Nc6 7.d5 Ne5!? [B08]
I was just checking the March update from IM Sam Collins where he states that white has next to nothing in the opening.

Now I wonder if he talks about 9.Bg5 which I analyzed heavily last year. It looks to me as a nice try for some advantage although I admit things can quickly become extremely complicated.

Started 03/07/16 at 09:50:18 by brabo
6 3513 Last Post 03/07/16 at 14:47:45
By: Michael Ayton
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Pirc 150 Specific Move Order
Not sure if I am missing something here, but I play ...c6 against the Classical in the Pirc, 4...c6/5...b5 or 5...Nbd7 against 4. Be3.
So 1. e4 d6 2. d4 Nf6 3. Nc3 g6 4. Nf3 is basically a Class...

Started 01/31/15 at 22:42:43 by DenVerdsligeRejsende
13 6427 Last Post 02/11/15 at 16:53:02
By: Stigma
Normal Topic
Quick fix against the Pirc
I'm going to a G/29 tournament at my local club tonight and intend to play the Veresov.  I've got stuff against everything except the Pirc, which I always seem to lose sgainst online.  Anyone want to ...

Started 05/10/11 at 20:32:10 by Kristi
7 6258 Last Post 11/28/14 at 14:34:55
By: Keano
Normal Topic
How to play against black lion
Hi chessfriends!
I am going to play an important game with white in the next days. My opponent is a black lion player, so my question would be: What is supposed to be the best line for white?<br ...

Started 01/23/12 at 15:45:02 by cynima
2 3125 Last Post 01/23/12 at 17:26:42
By: MNb
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
The Black Lion 2nd edition
Dear all,
can anyone give his opinion to this book ?
I had a look at the first edition and did nt found enough ideas against the most critical lines of the philidor, for instance
(1.e4 ...

Started 12/11/08 at 18:52:53 by e4d6
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20 15221 Last Post 01/23/09 at 00:29:43
By: MNb
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Pirc for CC
I've been reading through a number of the Pirc threads, all of which seem to share a consistent refrain: the opening is fine, but White has so many viable options to make Black's life uncomfortable th...

Started 01/10/09 at 21:34:08 by HgMan
12 5242 Last Post 01/11/09 at 22:18:13
Normal Topic
PIRC for Black - I need a suggestion
I'd like to ask to Pirc experts to solve a problem for me.
I have some problems to understand the line 4. Be3. I have "The Pirc in Black and White", "Pirc Alert!" and the DVD of Davies but I can'...

Started 12/29/08 at 21:27:20 by Templare2
9 4714 Last Post 12/30/08 at 14:14:03
By: MNb
Normal Topic
Attack against the pirc defence
Hello everyone:
Based on my repertoire, Usually open my game with d4 & Nf3 and based on my opponent response, I decide what path to follow.
I like to take the pirc path on move 3 instead of ...

Started 10/30/08 at 14:28:19 by DionTheGreek
4 2811 Last Post 11/04/08 at 19:25:00
By: DionTheGreek
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