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What's black's best in this Reti line?!......
Hi, everyone!
What's Black's BEST continuation in this Reti line:
1.Nf3 Nf6 2.g3 g6 3.b4 Bg7 4.Bb2 O-O 5.c4 d6 6.Bg2 e5 7.d3 a5 8.a3 (Theory says 8.b5 is best for White), axb4 9.axb4 Rxa1 10...

Started 07/12/06 at 16:25:10 by Excalibur
0 1580 Last Post 07/12/06 at 16:25:09
By: Excalibur
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What exactly constitutes the Reti Opening?
What exactly constitutes the Reti Opening? 1 Nf3, 1 Nf3 with 2 c4, 1 Nf3 with 2 c4 and 3 g3, or something else?

Started 11/26/10 at 07:57:55 by Anonymous3
2 2001 Last Post 11/26/10 at 14:20:09
By: Alias
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What are good books about 1. Nf3 ?
I'm searching for some good books about 1. Nf3, the Zukertort Opening.
Preferably I would like books that give a repertoire that gets into solid, positional, quiet, closed and slow po...

Started 06/20/14 at 18:08:16 by Marc Benford
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22 21612 Last Post 05/20/15 at 18:57:57
By: Sylvester
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The Réti Opening... Properly Played
Just out...
Authors: Jerzy Konikowski, Uwe Bekemann
Publisher :      Joachim Beyer Verlag e.K.
From the sample pages it looks very interesting.

Started 06/11/19 at 21:49:15 by grandpatzer
6 3695 Last Post 08/26/19 at 21:15:20
By: MW
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The Reti Move by Move
Good to see another book on the Reti in the pipeline. I'm sure Chesspublishing contributor Sam Collins will do an excellent job so looking forward to seeing the content excert on the Everyman website ...

Started 07/02/18 at 07:26:33 by MW
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25 10551 Last Post 10/21/20 at 18:47:20
By: grandpatzer
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The Modernised Reti by Demuth
Is there a publishing date for GM Adrian Demuth - The Modernized Reti, a full repertoire for White. Thinkers Chess Publishing?

Started 11/29/17 at 20:38:18 by grandpatzer
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64 38384 Last Post 04/30/19 at 12:11:06
By: GMTonyKosten
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The agressive Reti !
Hi all,
for a while now I have been analysing games starting with 1. Nf3 and developping towards the Reti opening. I always thought that this opening was dull and lead to lengthy positional manoeuvers ...

Started 01/25/06 at 09:57:55 by BigBuddha
1 2154 Last Post 01/25/06 at 10:18:36
By: alumbrado
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Tal's 15 Rb5 not so good after all!
As part of my research for the DW book I was looking at the Réti line 1 c4 e6 2 Nf3 d5 3 g3 Nf6 4 Bg2 Be7 5 0–0 0–0 6 b3 c5 7 e3 Nc6 8 Bb2 d4 9 exd4 cxd4 10 Re1 Re8 11 a3 a5 12 d3 Bf8 13 Ne5 Nxe5 1...

Started 05/31/08 at 11:32:44 by GMTonyKosten
7 5292 Last Post 10/08/18 at 19:11:16
By: Laramonet
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Switching from 1.c4 to 1.Nf3
I've been playing 1.c4 all my life, but I want to add in 1.Nf3 to my repretoire. I feel like it shouldn't be too different, but are there any key lines i shoudl be aware of that will be different if i...

Started 11/03/11 at 06:28:06 by kobesarmy
8 6296 Last Post 11/07/11 at 17:10:38
By: Katalyst
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Starting Out: The Réti / Neil McDonald
i have read the pdf extract. anyone have some more detailed information about the book.

Started 02/15/10 at 21:41:53 by Zak
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20 16099 Last Post 02/28/10 at 14:50:04
By: Antillian
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Smyslov-Larsen Attack
I'm looking for references on the so-called Smyslov-Larsen Attack which, I believe is :
1. Nf3 something 2. b3 i.e. A Nimzo-Larsen Attack prefaced by 1. Nf3
Maybe this line has not had any c...

Started 11/09/10 at 14:40:06 by jeupham
4 2492 Last Post 11/09/10 at 17:59:33
By: Stigma
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Santasiere's Folly 1.Nf3 d5 2.b4
Any thoughts on Santasiere's Folly? 1.Nf3 d5 2.b4
There's nothing AFAIK on
Emms in NCO continues 2...Bg4 3.Bb2 Nf6 4.e3 e6 5.a3 Nbd7= but surely the critical line is 3.Ne5!?

Started 04/29/06 at 09:33:34 by Arnold Gove
3 3579 Last Post 04/30/06 at 18:18:11
By: Glenn Snow
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Réti Pawngrab
[size=14][font=Arial]I have been looking more and more at Black's attempts to hold onto the pawn in the Open Réti after 1.Nf3 d5 2.c4 e6 3.g3 dxc4!?
In particular, the line 4.Bg2 Nf6 5.Qc2 (Ni...

Started 07/25/06 at 08:52:40 by alumbrado
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22 12880 Last Post 03/13/08 at 17:54:50
By: Justinhorton
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Retibook by Osnos
Tony Kosten mentions a book by Osnos on the Reti and briefly describes it.  Has anyone read the book?  Does it contain explanations on typical plans and ideas?

Started 12/14/06 at 20:13:44 by Peter
4 2792 Last Post 12/18/06 at 12:08:49
By: IMRichardPalliser
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Reti: 2...d4
I am new to the Reti. There seem to be very few books on the Reti besides Davies´ "The dynamic Reti". What else do you study ?
How much of the stuff in the Flank Openings is on the Reti for subsc...

Started 06/11/08 at 21:52:21 by TheDane
11 4830 Last Post 06/25/08 at 16:09:13
By: Holbox
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Reti-Eroffnung - ein modernes Repertoire
Any comments on "Reti-Eroffnung - ein modernes Repertoire" by Breutigam (ChessBase DVD)?

Started 11/25/15 at 09:50:06 by TD
0 2717 Last Post 11/25/15 at 09:50:06
By: TD
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Reti Repertoire based of “The Modern Reti”
Hey! I’ve been really enjoying The Modern Reti: An Anti-Slav Repertoire and I’m wondering what books would help me play a proper Reti repertoire since the book doesn’t hit on things like the KID and o...

Started 01/29/19 at 11:45:00 by iiPlasma
6 2956 Last Post 01/31/19 at 08:23:55
By: CanadianClub
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Reti question: 1.Nf3 d5 2.c4 d4 3.g3 g6 variation
Hello all,
been lurking over the forums for quite a while, first post now.
I've been delving into the Reti lately and like the positions that I get. This weekend I played a tournament and af...

Started 10/06/10 at 13:11:41 by Murra
2 2651 Last Post 12/15/10 at 12:40:28
By: nyoke
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Reti Opening (Dynamic Reti)
I going to take the Reti opening as White for a year o so. I have bought the "Dynamic Reti" book. I'm surprised that Davies forgott to show how to deal with: 1.Nf3 d5
2.c4 dc
3.e4!? (here he...

Started 10/17/05 at 01:33:58 by Holbox
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21 14466 Last Post 11/08/05 at 08:49:34
By: John Simmons (Guest)
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Reti books?
Hi, I was thinking of playing the Reti (well starting with nf3 and then maybe do a lot of transposing, still trying to figure out my rep.) Any good books I should get? I know there are 2 by everyman a...

Started 01/09/15 at 15:21:27 by Darthmambo
7 6031 Last Post 04/23/15 at 14:21:43
By: CanadianClub
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