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Sveshnikov/Pelikan, Kalashnikov, Lowenthal & Grivas Sicilian [B32-33]
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svesnikov 9.Nd5 what to read or buy?
Hi all! Who is authority on this line? Which books should i be shoot if i missed. Who is following in the theory?
Please tell me chesspub is doing fine here, i think the forum is so great and sin...

Started 02/19/10 at 17:34:35 by toppace
3 3427 Last Post 02/21/10 at 12:06:00
By: snakebite
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Sveshnikov 9.Lxf6 latest line here?
1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 e5 6. Ndb5 d6 7. Bg5 a6 8.
Na3 b5 9. Bxf6 gxf6 10. Nd5 Bg7 11. Bd3 Ne7 12. Nxe7 Qxe7 13. c3 f5 14. O-O O-O
15. Nc2 Bb7 16. exf5 Qg5 17. Ne3 d5
is t...

Started 02/18/10 at 19:43:40 by toppace
2 1935 Last Post 02/18/10 at 22:59:42
By: toppace
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Sveshnikov 7.Nd5
Makes it sense to study this line , ( i like because its not so common ) , especial with the 9.Qf3 approach :
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
I knew 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc...

Started 02/09/10 at 01:00:56 by Bauerndiplom
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9 5780 Last Post 02/10/10 at 14:43:43
By: Stefan Buecker
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Thoughts on the Kalashnikov....
Since there was some interesting in the Kalashnikov in the "What Sicilian to Play?" thread, I thought I'd start up a new thread for anyone interested or experience in this line to chat. Here are a cou...

Started 08/07/09 at 01:47:10 by TonyRo
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36 21833 Last Post 01/25/10 at 18:57:54
By: TonyRo
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Carlsen's Sveshnikov or the Pelikan
In today's round at the Australian Championships, famous (and prolific) chess author IM Gary Lane and IM George Xie followed the Carlsen game in the Sveshnikov. GM Ian Rogers suggests that Black's 19....

Started 01/11/10 at 13:32:16 by GabrielGale
1 2243 Last Post 01/11/10 at 22:32:31
By: MNb
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Sveshy 10Bf6 Bf6 11c3 Bg5 12Nc2 Rb8 13a4 ba 14Nce3
I've played a couple of corresp. games against 14.Nce3 rather than 14.Ncb4. Placing too much faith in Rybka I continued:
14...Rb2 15.Qa4 Bd7 16.Ba6 0-0 17.0-0 Nb4, but after:
18.Qa3 Nd5 19.Q...

Started 12/22/09 at 13:27:49 by AndyP
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4 2506 Last Post 12/24/09 at 20:46:22
By: snakebite
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lowenthal...refute my opening :)
i started playing this as black in blitz games after screwing around in the haberditz and kalashnikov a bit...
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 cd 4.Nxd4 e5 5.Nb5 a6 6.Nd6+ Bxd6 7.Qxd6 and now instead of 7...

Started 11/16/09 at 14:02:03 by endali
2 2057 Last Post 11/16/09 at 17:36:20
By: Stefan Buecker
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A Complete Guide to the Grivas Sicilian question
Hi there!
Can someone tell me what he recommand again 3.bb5   ?
Does he have something about it, or it's just  Qb6 book?

Started 09/22/09 at 18:32:47 by Ender
12 6540 Last Post 11/03/09 at 19:04:16
By: MilenPetrov
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It looks like Carlsen is prepared to carry on with this line and got a draw against Topalov in it.
What puzzles me though is why white players aren't adopting a set-up with c3 nc2 before castling...

Started 10/07/09 at 19:35:09 by Mikejrw
3 2271 Last Post 10/08/09 at 11:46:45
By: snakebite
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B33 Informator Monograph
Obviously without any preannouncement has published a 320 pages Monograph on the Sweshnikov.
Authors seem to be the informant redaction (some yugoslavian IM). Already avaible at...

Started 09/25/09 at 09:00:42 by tracke
1 2005 Last Post 09/25/09 at 11:51:54
By: TN
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Lowenthal variation of Sicilian
Hey folks,let's talk about Lowenthal variation of Sicilian!
1.e4-c5,2.Nf3-Nc6,3.d4-cd4,4,Nd4-e5,5.Nb5-a6!? It might be very sharp!

Started 08/07/09 at 08:34:40 by maven82
1 2013 Last Post 08/07/09 at 17:23:43
By: Markovich
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I haven't played chess for over five years and haven't had time to keep up to date with the theory.  Previoulsy 2065 standard.
I used to play the Novosibirsk Sveshnikov, as Kramnik had a lot of s...

Started 05/24/09 at 12:50:31 by zaqwsx
6 4127 Last Post 07/10/09 at 15:20:29
By: MilenPetrov
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What is the best source to study this line?
What do people think black's best reply is after 6 c4.  After 6 N1c3 does black have anything better than transposing to the Sveshnikov - which seems t...

Started 05/13/09 at 12:56:04 by snakebite
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27 12679 Last Post 06/12/09 at 09:10:24
By: Michael Ayton
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Ponomariov Attack, Sveshnikov
I was thinking about preparing the ponomariov attack for the final in a knock-out competition in our club. How is it currently doing? Any good online info available?

Started 05/19/09 at 14:15:04 by Zatox
2 1819 Last Post 05/19/09 at 15:49:37
By: Zatox
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Thoughts on Van Wely DVD on Sveshnikov
I've only seen one review of this DVD and it was so-so; if anyone has Van Wely's DVD, I'd appreciate thoughts on whether it would be a good primer for someone who is looking for a general overview fro...

Started 02/17/09 at 14:25:16 by ChessMonkey
1 1761 Last Post 02/21/09 at 23:02:38
By: TN
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Sveshnikov Repertoire: Suggested Sources
Hey guys,
So although I was considering both the Schev and Taimanov, I decided to base my new Sicilian repertoire around the Sveshnikov. I just ordered "The Easiest Sicilian" and "Starting Out: S...

Started 01/09/09 at 10:22:18 by miamisharks
8 5436 Last Post 01/12/09 at 15:53:47
By: Fausto Alava-Moreno
Normal Topic
ChessPub Sveshnikov Files
Hello, this is my first post on the Forum.
A few months back I collected information from the "Open Sicilians" section on the Forum about the Sveshnikov Sicilian, saving it to a database.

Started 11/08/08 at 07:17:39 by TN
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5 4811 Last Post 12/31/08 at 16:10:49
By: belgian
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Khalifman vs The Kalashnikov
This line is from Opening for white according to Anand 9.
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 e5  5.Nb5 d6  6. N1c3 a6 7.Na3 b5
8. Nd5 Nce7 9.c4 Nxd5 10.exd5  bxc4 11.Nxc4 Be7 12.Bd2 Bd7 13.B...

Started 10/18/08 at 15:53:58 by Novosibirsk
2 2032 Last Post 10/21/08 at 20:39:07
By: MilenPetrov
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Just what is the verdict on the Novosibirsk variation of the Sveshnikov Sicilian ( 1 e4 c5  2 Nf3 Nc6  3 d4 cxd4  4 Nxd4 Nf6  5 Nc3 e5  6 Ndb5 d6  7 Bg5 a6  8 Na3 b5  9 Bxf6 gxf6  10 Nd5 Bg7)?

Started 06/20/08 at 18:55:25 by snakebite
9 4454 Last Post 09/22/08 at 17:51:22
By: Wandol
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An interesting variation against the sveshnikov
Hi, I do not know how black should play in the following line:
1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 e5 6. Ndb5 d6 7. Bg5 a6 8.Na3 b5 9. Bxf6 gxf6 10.Nd5 f5 [10...Bg7 11.c3 f5 is just...

Started 06/30/08 at 09:42:18 by Strategy_Rules
11 5022 Last Post 09/22/08 at 11:40:25
By: Strategy_Rules
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