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Where does PRO Chess League get its Prize Money?
Where does Greg Shahade's PRO Chess League get its Prize Money from?

Started 06/06/17 at 06:28:57 by GeneM
3 2040 Last Post 08/18/19 at 00:35:10
By: trw
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World Championship / Carlsen-Caruana
Can't believe there's no thread about this yet!
G1 was a Rossolimo (! Carlsen might be serious about spending more time in the Sicilian - wonder if that half-implies that also his recent dabbling...

Started 11/10/18 at 19:22:16 by IsaVulpes
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60 10741 Last Post 02/11/19 at 19:14:25
By: trw
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Under 2200 Tournaments in France
I started looking around for some tournaments to play within a 200km or so radius of where I live, but unfortunately almost all of the ones that seemed interesting were restricted to players under 220...

Started 03/31/18 at 11:31:58 by GMTonyKosten
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27 7925 Last Post 04/12/18 at 16:21:28
By: bvirk
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Kramnik in the Candidates'
Great news for Kramnik fans like me.  Agon has actually made a decision that doesn't place insider politics over sound reasoning (it's no doubt just good business in the normal sense). It seemed to me...

Started 10/30/17 at 16:16:14 by ReneDescartes
5 3057 Last Post 03/28/18 at 19:27:39
By: gillbod
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Berlin Candidates 2018
Congratulations to Caruana on winning a great tournament!

Started 03/27/18 at 20:14:44 by ReneDescartes
2 1342 Last Post 03/28/18 at 19:22:40
By: gillbod
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Carlsen-Nakamura Chess 960 Match
Did you see this incredible defense by Carlsen, largely done on the blitz increment? Unbelievable--Lasker-like resourcefulness in defense and Fischer-like accuracy in the end.  Amusingly, the game sta...

Started 02/15/18 at 02:54:40 by ReneDescartes
0 1173 Last Post 02/15/18 at 02:54:40
By: ReneDescartes
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London Chess Classic 2017
Let's get excited about this great GCT decider early  Cheesy

Started 10/16/17 at 06:30:55 by TN
2 2545 Last Post 11/13/17 at 09:26:30
By: tipau
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2017 World Cup
The chess tournament, not the football.

Started 08/27/17 at 19:20:23 by TN
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85 21305 Last Post 10/04/17 at 11:19:17
By: Keano
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GCT St Louis to feature Kasparov as a Wildcard!
If the Sinquefield Cup from Aug 2-12 isn't enough for your chess needs, right after (starting Aug 14) is t...

Started 07/07/17 at 10:29:08 by IsaVulpes
9 3475 Last Post 09/08/17 at 11:09:18
By: Keano
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2017 Fide W/ Chess Grand Prix - Geneva 5-16th July
The third leg of the 2017 FIDE World Chess Grand Prix is set to take place from 5-16th July at the famous Hotel Le Richemond, in the heart of Geneva, Switzerland.

Started 07/05/17 at 18:01:47 by RoleyPoley
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17 7834 Last Post 07/15/17 at 15:33:01
By: LeeRoth
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An inspiring story from the US Women Championship
What do you say to the following?
1) You have competed in 7 previous US Women Champs, with 5th the best in 2016
2) This year, You are ranked 6th out of a field of 12
3) When you applied...

Started 04/10/17 at 12:06:24 by GabrielGale
3 2536 Last Post 04/13/17 at 22:02:43
By: Keano
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Rilton Cup 46 (Stockholm, 27/12-5/1)
The highlight of chess in Northern Europe during the winter season, strong tournament Rilton Cup, is being played in the Swedish capital right now.
FM Martin Lokander is the comm...

Started 12/29/16 at 19:54:43 by Confused_by_Theory
0 1694 Last Post 12/29/16 at 19:54:42
By: Confused_by_Theory
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Poll: 2016 World Championship Match
I am surprised no one has started a thread on this as yet. So here goes. Will post more details and where to watch later (especially in the light of uncertainty due to actions by Fide's private contra...

Started 11/04/16 at 06:32:27 by GabrielGale
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178 59978 Last Post 12/07/16 at 20:29:08
By: Keano
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Shamkir Gashimov Memorial
Some great commentary and post match interviews by Ljubojevic. Forgot what a great player he was. He can see the key of a position so quick it is truly amazing.

Started 05/29/16 at 14:57:33 by Keano
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22 10223 Last Post 06/05/16 at 06:40:02
By: Keano
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Poll: Who's your Candidate for the Candidates?
Magnus Carlsen is set to defend his title of World Chess Champion this year at the Fide World Chess Championship sometime in November in the USA . However, before a worthy challenger emerges, a couple...

Started 01/19/16 at 11:41:54 by Walz01
2 2446 Last Post 01/19/16 at 19:17:58
By: Walz01
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A question about the Candidates matches
I'm curious to know if all the participants to the Candidates matches have already been determined yet or if there are any possible say Hou Yifan, for instance?

Started 12/27/15 at 17:49:21 by HagenWatch1
4 2316 Last Post 01/09/16 at 04:48:42
By: Walz01
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FIDE World cup
Trying to find a thread on this on here. Please delete this if there already is one...
Otherwise - Caruana and Adams just knocked out. Topalov needs to win to stay alive.
Update: Topalov kno...

Started 09/21/15 at 13:34:03 by BenkoFan
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16 8503 Last Post 10/06/15 at 11:40:02
By: BenkoFan
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Norm tournaments in Norway
For those who played in Norway, are there good norm (>9-round, international) tournaments in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, or even up north like Trondheim or Tromsø? Other than the super-elite events in St...

Started 07/22/15 at 22:27:42 by DenVerdsligeRejsende
2 2031 Last Post 07/23/15 at 18:55:21
By: Girkassa
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Tournaments in Catalunya
If anyone notices, there seem to be a lot of tournaments in the region Catalunya and Andorra.
33¤ Open internacional d'Andorra (18.07.2015-25.07.2015):

Started 06/11/15 at 07:05:11 by DenVerdsligeRejsende
4 2726 Last Post 06/11/15 at 13:45:33
By: CanadianClub
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ICCF Champions League 2015-2017
It's time for a new season of ICCF Champions League.
Our 2012-2014 Champions League Team ended up in 10th spot, https://www.iccf....

Started 01/19/15 at 14:25:37 by Claus Jensen
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17 12842 Last Post 05/04/15 at 19:06:16
By: Claus Jensen
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