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Vienna Game inc. Hamppe-Allgaier Gambit, Frankenstein-Dracula Variation [C25-29]
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C25: Hampe Allgaier
I defended this recently using a set up with pawns on d6, g4 and h6, the King on g7 and the Knight and Bishop on f6 and e7.
There a lot of material in an old article by Tim Harding at http://www...

Started 12/21/12 at 12:16:45 by RdC
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By: Bauerndiplom
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C25: Steinitz Gambit
I have been enjoying going over Steinitz Gambit games
1. e4 e5 2. Nc3 Nc6 3. f4 exf4 4. d4
and while I realize it is not easy for white to play, so far the lines that claim to be refutations...

Started 12/04/13 at 18:08:39 by mattchess
4 4575 Last Post 12/04/13 at 21:12:21
By: mattchess
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C29: Strange new Nb1 knight retreat in the Vienna
I've had this idea in my head for a couple of years but today I got to play it for the first time:
1. e4 e5  2. Nc3 Nf6  3. f4 d5  4. fxe5 Nxe4  5. Nf3 Bb4 and now 6. Nb1?! 
I hadn't even c...

Started 05/22/11 at 11:37:42 by George Jempty
4 4653 Last Post 07/03/16 at 10:14:45
By: George Jempty
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C25: The Everlasting Fyfe Gambit
A member had asked how he could find something on the Fyfe Gambit 1. e4 e5 2. Nc3 Nc6 3. d4. A source he was able to locate at Google Books was the following: Freeborough & Ranken: Chess Openings: ...

Started 07/04/12 at 14:28:54 by Stefan Buecker
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249 125326 Last Post 09/20/17 at 22:15:50
By: an ordinary chessplayer
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C25-C29: Vienna Opening
Was wondering what the topics of the book The Vienna Game by Gary Lane and the Fritztrainer by Martin are about.  Is either one a solid source of Vienna opening information.  I am interested in the li...

Started 09/20/11 at 17:50:05 by walkingterrapin
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57 32354 Last Post 10/04/11 at 00:30:05
By: BPaulsen
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C25-C29: books about the Vienna opening
i remember one by Alexander Konstantinopolsky and one by Lane but what else ?

Started 07/23/12 at 15:21:37 by TomKarlsen
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25 27094 Last Post 02/21/15 at 00:21:49
By: urusov
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Fyfe Gambit (The Reboot)
Howdy Gang.
I am still on the hunt for any old book analysis (and or old games) using the Fyfe Gambit (1.e4 e5 2.Nc3 Nc6 3.d4) which J. Blackburne beleived it was playable (back then).
Can I...

Started 06/25/12 at 07:59:40 by Hadron
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18 15957 Last Post 06/27/12 at 23:50:55
By: trw
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C27: Frankenstein Dracula Attack
For those who don't know this is a variation on the Bc4 Vienna, which involves black sacrificing a rook for a big space advantage and faster development. The main line goes 1 e4 e5 2 Nc3 Nf6 3 Bc4 Nxe...

Started 08/13/05 at 09:34:45 by condor
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C26: question on KG and Vienna transpositions
Hello, I have a quick question for KG and Vienna practitioners concerning a couple of minor lines that can arise via transposition from Alekhine's Defense. (I am considering shifting from 2...d5 to 2....

Started 01/06/05 at 12:58:59 by Alfred G. (Guest)
1 1771 Last Post 01/06/05 at 18:51:59
By: MNb
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C25-C29: Black's best setup against the vienna?
Is there a way to play for a win from the black side against the vienna/bishop op. ?
What is your favorite set up after :
1.e4 e5 2.Nc3 Nf6 3.f4 d5 4.fxe Nxe 5.Nf3 and now, Be7 or Bc5 or som...

Started 09/03/06 at 06:53:38 by Bubu13
6 3019 Last Post 09/06/06 at 01:42:36
By: MNb
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C25-C28: Vienna/Glek Theorie
Searching for sources covering the Vienna/Glek-system. (With or without the N on f3 but with the pawn on g3)
I know the 2 everymanchessbooks (not very usefull)
and  Marins e4 e5 book (very ...

Started 04/05/10 at 09:38:45 by chessy
5 3304 Last Post 04/05/10 at 16:50:03
By: Bowen
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C29: Vienna analysis debunked
1. e4 e5  2. Nc3 Nf6  3. f4 d5  4. fxe5 Nxe4  5. Nf3 Bg4  6. Qe2 Ng5?  7. Qb5+! c6  8. Qxb7 Nxf3+  9. gxf3 Bxf3  10. Rg1 Nbd7  11. d4! (11. Qxc6 Rc8 and Black gets too much counterplay; instead White ...

Started 04/21/03 at 11:07:13 by gjempty
1 2343 Last Post 12/22/03 at 19:44:10
By: M.Nieuweboer (Guest)
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C29: Vienna gambit with 5.Nf3
I often get into trouble as black, especially against stronger players, when facing the Vienna gambit:
1.e4 e5 2.Nc3 Nf6 3.f4 d5 4.fxe5 Nxe4 5.Nf3.
Here, instead of the safer but drawish 5.....

Started 01/31/04 at 18:35:17 by feb
10 4530 Last Post 04/28/04 at 03:24:54
By: Peter Kitchen (Guest)
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C29: Vienna gambit
What is white's best line against black after the moves 1. e4-e5 2. Nc3-Nf6 3. f4-e5xf4 4. e5 Ng1 5.Nf3 d6
White should be able to get a plus out of this as black has lost time retreating his kni...

Started 02/07/04 at 12:19:22 by Michael Wagstaff (Guest)
9 26789 Last Post 05/28/04 at 03:16:28
By: feb
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C26: Vienna with 3. ... B b4
Does anyone have a good idea for with in the
1 e4 e5 2 Nc3 Nf6 3 Bc4 Bb4 line   ???
In Lanes book he recomend Qf3 without deep analysis. To me this move seems not very promissing.   Undecided<br ...

Started 12/09/04 at 07:34:22 by chessy (Guest)
2 1758 Last Post 12/09/04 at 10:29:56
By: chessy (Guest)
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C28-C29: Bishop's opening/Vienna
In the fun vienna lines i am unsure if white can sac a rook for mate, but i think he gets good compensation.  what if black declines though.  Has 9.Qg3 been refuted?  Is Na5, really better than h3.<br...

Started 09/11/03 at 15:22:48 by Nolan (Guest)
13 5536 Last Post 04/20/05 at 18:34:16
By: M.Nb (Guest)
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C25: Vienna : Mengarini variation
What's the refutation, if any ?

Started 11/30/05 at 12:12:42 by Strptzr
14 4804 Last Post 12/05/05 at 05:44:35
By: Strptzr
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C25-C29: Gregory Huber: The Vienna Game
Just curious, if anyone purchased the Chessbase CD about the Vienna Game by Huber.
Can you recommand the CD as a start for an e4-repertoire ?
Is he unbiased concerning the critical variation...

Started 12/04/05 at 19:26:55 by Frank (Guest)
2 2176 Last Post 01/24/06 at 14:52:53
By: Black_Widow
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C26-C27: KGD/Bishops/Vienna: 6...Bxf2+!?
I am building my white repertoire using Emms' 'Attacking with 1 e4', where he suggests the Bishop's opening in response to 1...e5. There is one very tricky line he doesn't address, so I'm tackling it ...

Started 06/16/06 at 06:00:01 by neuronet
14 8026 Last Post 06/20/06 at 02:54:32
By: LeeRoth
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The Vienna Game C23-C29 (CD-ROM) by Gregory Huber

Started 06/23/06 at 16:19:30 by OstapBender
0 1857 Last Post 06/23/06 at 16:19:28
By: OstapBender
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