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Yugoslav 9 0-0-0 & Intro Yugoslav 9 0-0-0 & Intro
Yugoslav Attack [B75-B76] inc. 9 0-0-0 d5 Mainline [B76], 'Dragadorf' [B75], 9 g4 [B76], and Irregular [B75]
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Official theory on the dragondorf?
is there official theory on the dragondorf,
so far I played it according to tiger's modern, and I like the normal dragondorf position quite much,
but I do not like if white plays...

Started 09/25/07 at 21:02:09 by cyronix (Ex Member)
5 3462 Last Post 10/03/07 at 07:57:40
By: Deepthought - Ex Member
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what's new in 90-0-0 d5 10 Nxc6 bxc6 11 Bh6?
Are there new ideas in this line? I was just wondering

Started 12/26/04 at 10:15:03 by 9000 d5 10Nxc6 bxc611Bh6 (Guest)
6 3248 Last Post 02/28/05 at 14:40:22
By: thejoop (Guest)
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Poll: Dragondorf poll
Please guys, show me which Dragondorf you love!

Started 10/31/09 at 04:15:05 by ACSian
0 1872 Last Post 10/31/09 at 04:15:04
By: ACSian
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what's new in 12.Bd4
is there any interesting new games or ideas in this variation how to fight with white's pressure? Roll Eyes

Started 03/01/05 at 15:48:01 by Airis (Guest)
0 1138 Last Post 03/01/05 at 15:48:00
By: Airis (Guest)
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Another nail in the coffin for 9 0-0-0 Nxd4 ?
Below is a game I played as black in the 3rd PAL/CSS Freestyle Tournament. It looks to me like white found a huge improvement on a line that was already considered somewhat critical for black accordin...

Started 08/29/06 at 10:05:08 by Alkelele
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25 14107 Last Post 10/11/06 at 15:46:25
By: parisestmagique
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9. O-O-O d5 10. h4!?
This kind of stems from my post in the "Alterman and 9...d5" topic. I finally found a NEW(!!) copy of Tiviakov's B75-76 manuscript and this is (at least for now) my new weapon against 9. O-O-O d5. I h...

Started 01/06/04 at 19:10:13 by AmateurDragoneer
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19 8841 Last Post 03/25/06 at 19:23:35
By: Scholar
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John Federowicz's Anti-Dragon Comment in ChessLife
In the August 2003 issue of Chess Life, GM John Federowicz annotates a game in which Shabalov plays (and loses) as Black in the line 6. Be3 Bg7 7. f3 0-0 8. Qd2 h5 which is assessed as !?. Federowicz ...

Started 07/16/03 at 18:12:40 by AmateurDragoneer
6 4759 Last Post 11/23/05 at 17:44:45
By: lost highway
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What's Wrong with 9. O-O-O Bd7?
This was Patrick's question in the "9. O-O-O Critical Line..." Topic so here's what Fritz and I came up with along with WWTSD2. First, a note. I want to make it clear that the move order presented bel...

Started 03/16/04 at 18:57:32 by AmateurDragoneer
12 5907 Last Post 12/05/04 at 10:13:08
By: Paul Hopwood (Guest)
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A critical test to Black's idea
I discovered recently a critical move order against the trendy 9.0-0-0 Bd7 line which doesn't mention at WWTDII.
It seems to me that black has good resourses against every white try ( that's wh...

Started 10/22/05 at 04:36:51 by Ametanoitos
14 6136 Last Post 05/19/06 at 21:23:02
By: OstapBender
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About Martin's suggestion 8..Bd7
I have Martin's Starting Out book and i think it's quite good. There Martin thinks that black's best chance lies in the 8..Bd7 system in the Yugoslav so after 9.O-O-O black plays  9..Rc8 delaying cast...

Started 02/11/06 at 13:17:46 by Ametanoitos
7 3065 Last Post 02/26/06 at 13:33:51
By: I need to know(Guest) (Guest)
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New ...h5 Yugoslav game
Hi Everyone,
Just posting a latest game from Ivanchuk, who was playing white.
Any thoughts !?
[Event "Casino Masters"]
[Site "Barcelona ESP"]
[Date "2005.10.24"]
[Round "...

Started 10/27/05 at 03:15:11 by Andrew Brett (Guest)
5 2531 Last Post 10/31/05 at 21:00:30
By: MNb
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9.0-0-0 d5 10.Kb1!? How should Black respond?
After recently taking up the Dragon I have come across a few small problems trying to reach equality in some of the main lines.
One line that is giving me some trouble is the following:
1. ...

Started 04/29/07 at 11:36:06 by Andromeda
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20 11182 Last Post 07/03/07 at 15:38:46
By: madhacker
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How should one handle 8.g4 in the Yugoslav
It seems that it will only transpose but what if it doesn't.
A certain expert played this against me and I felt oblged to play normally yet he then played 9.h4 and it started to look iffy, he did...

Started 02/02/04 at 08:48:12 by Andy Voss (Guest)
4 4116 Last Post 04/23/10 at 16:25:32
By: kylemeister
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Golubev's New Idea
I was wondering if anybody had any analysis on the line 9. 0-0-0 Bd7 10. h4 Rb8!?  It is an interesting idea which I have searched every Informant and New In Chess Article for...and I have only found ...

Started 09/07/03 at 10:36:33 by Ankit Gupta (Guest)
4 3801 Last Post 02/20/04 at 22:05:57
By: Glenn Snow
Normal Topic
i'm looking for the latest news/info on the yugoslav attack 7.f3 a6 so-called dragondorf variation. Anyone know of the most detailed coverage? I have dearing's book. does ward or golubev cover it? How...

Started 10/19/08 at 04:39:44 by anthonydoncordova
1 2328 Last Post 10/19/08 at 14:21:27
By: bragesjo
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B76: Why is my move such a terrible idea?
I've been playing with chess-dot-com's tactics trainer for a while as a pasttime, and thought I'd like to start playing real chess. Through the TT I have become decent in tactical combinations where t...

Started 02/14/21 at 14:03:28 by Bautastein
9 2033 Last Post 03/02/21 at 03:11:32
By: Bibs
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Annoying line in the 9.g4 variation
is anybody familiar with the position after
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cd4 4.Nd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.Be3 Bg7 7.f3 0-0 8.Qd2 Nc6 9.g4 Be6 10.0-0-0 Nd4 11.Bd4 Qa5 12.a3 Rfc8 13.h4 Rab8 14.h5 b5 15.h...

Started 04/26/04 at 17:49:28 by Bernhard (Guest)
4 3051 Last Post 05/17/04 at 08:49:14
By: Bernhard (Guest)
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B76: 9.0-0-0 Nxd4 10.Bxd4 Be6 11.Kb1! Qc7 12.Nb5!!
Looking at the NIC database, White scores an amazing 90% after this odd-looking move. In Vigoretto`s new book, no satisfactory defence is offered. Is this the end for 9...Nxd4?

Started 04/29/12 at 10:39:44 by BleepBleep
11 11948 Last Post 05/07/12 at 00:13:03
By: atticus
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B76: Yugoslav 9 g4 and Houdini
A recent of my Dragon games was in this line and when I analysed the victory I discovered something strange with Houdini. This side line of 9 g4 has been given as good for black for decades. All engin...

Started 07/18/11 at 14:01:46 by bragesjo
10 8548 Last Post 03/20/20 at 02:23:17
By: XChess1971
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Yugoslav 9 0-0-0
I looked at the games played in Swedish Elite and one of the Dragon games comes at following but what do you think black should play if white played 19 Bc4? Rybka cleary favors white. Note that Re1 is...

Started 02/17/08 at 20:12:18 by bragesjo
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28 16499 Last Post 10/12/19 at 12:56:12
By: XChess1971
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