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Direct Forum links in the website sections
02/11/03 at 13:04:28
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Please note that it is now possible to go directly to each opening section in the Forum from the main website opening sections. Look out for the links on the top right of each opening section webpages!

For example, if you login to website and go to a "French" section, you will see a link called "French Forum" that will take you directly to this forum's French board bypassing the forum's main page.

Keep in mind that you still have to be logged in to the forum in order to see what's new. If you see "Hey, Guest..." on the top of the forum, it means you are not logged in and you are not able to see what topics have new messages since your last visit. If you see "Hey, YourName", it means you are logged in and should see the topic marked with "new" button if there is any.
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