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Normal Topic Question about the maroczy bind (Read 2176 times)

Question about the maroczy bind
02/18/03 at 14:33:55
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Hello, Mr. Fedorowicz.

We met at the Guelph Pro Am of 2002 and you gave me some sound opening advice there, and i have read your columns at, and i was wondering if you could help me out yet again. I have a quick question on the validity of the maroczy bind. I have been playing it for about a year, and i find that whenever i try to use it against a 2...e6 sicilian Black has no real trouble equalizing. His plans are straightforward and threatening, whereas white must always be trying to contain black's play, and none of his own aggressive thrusts lead to any real gains. I was wondering if its even worth playing the maroczy bind? I've heard that it is a system that is only good if you have a lot of expertise with it (which i do not), and i rarely am able to get good results with it. Should i abandon it?

15 year old Canadian master.

Alava,M (2200) - Seeman,T (2403) [B42]
15th ECC Gp 1 Paide EST (1), 17.09.1999

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Sebastian, actual complete game with its comments was removed by yaltmax due to copyright warning mentioned in the game (above). If you have permission to use entire game with comments publicaly, let yaltmax know and the game will be allowed to show up. Thank you.

I find that too many games are like this one, where white is unable to drum up any real attack, or if he does, it is only because black makes no attempts to escape passivity. Many times Balck was ok but then got off track. (The one notable exception is the game Adianto,U - Torre,E [B42], Insel Bali tt, 1999,[Hazai) Is it worth playing the bind just on the hope that black will falter? Even if he does it does not look simple to me to take advantage, and I've been hearing that the Maroczy is being regarded as less and less dangerous. What is your opinion on the matter? Is it a good choice against the 2...e6 sicilians?
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