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Normal Topic English 1...e5 2...d6 / Reti (Read 2407 times)
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Re: English 1...e5 2...d6 / Reti
Reply #1 - 03/03/03 at 08:46:41
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This is an interesting question. Undecided
In the last round of the Clermont-Ferrand tournament (which finished yesterday) I had White against someone who plays just these systems, and my solution was to: ..... play 1 e4 !!!
I suppose that after 1 Nf3 d6 playing 2 d4 and then e4 is quite a good idea if you like the white side of a Classical Pirc. Otherwise, I will have a good think about this before the next Flank Openings update.
Incidentally, I won the aforementioned game by following a recommendation in the Modern eBook chapter: 1.e4 d6 2.d4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.f4 a6 5.Nf3 b5 6.Bd3 Nd7 7.e5! Bb7 8.Ng5 and after 8...e6 9.0-0 h6?! 10.Nxe6! fxe6 11.Bxg6+ White had a raging attack. Cheesy
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English 1...e5 2...d6 / Reti
02/27/03 at 08:01:24
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The King's English e-book says that the 1...e5 2...d6 system as one of Black's most promising responses to the English, which pleased me as it is the system I play myself with Black!  My problem is that I also play 1.c4 and 1.Nf3 a lot with White and I am struggling to find a line to play!  Undecided

My question is, do you think White has any other options via the Reti move order - in other words, can he hold back from playing c2-c4 and instead maybe play for e2-e4 and a King's Indian Attack setup?  Have you seen any games with this approach or any other alternatives?

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