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Re: questions
Reply #1 - 05/05/03 at 13:41:55
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You can find all the overall theory using the e-books. I am not sure if it covers 100% of the theory but it does a pretty good job of giving you most complete picture of the openings for any particular section, lines, etc.

There is an e-book that you can download for free, if I am not mistaken, it's from French section. So, you can take a look at it and see how well it fits your needs. Keep in mind that e-book is just one of the many within French section and other opening have thier own bunches of e-books.

Hope it helps.
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05/03/03 at 14:50:52
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Hi everyone!

after a long, long stop (well, from chess...) I was considering playing our beloved KID...
so I was wonderind wether I should register to this site, and I would like some advices; for example, what king of information can I find here: I mean, I know I can get the latest theory through the most recent games, but can I also get more all-around theory; for instance, what are the e-books than u can download???

Thank you everyone!

PS: does anyone also know the Dragon site????
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