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Normal Topic Tony's article in Chess Life (Read 1462 times)
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Re: Tony's article in Chess Life
Reply #1 - 06/16/03 at 12:23:28
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Well, actually, it is not a new article as I took it directly from one of the games I analysed for! Smiley
Neil thought it would be a good idea to offer them (and 'Chess', too) a free article taken from the site to get some useful advertising. Each month I just take an interesting game from one of the sections and send it to them. So, next time it will not be an English Opening! Cry
A good idea about putting some more info concerning the site - I will do that.
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Tony's article in Chess Life
06/09/03 at 10:46:15
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I just received my monthly Chess Life magazine (publication by United States Chess Federation) and saw a great article/column on English opening by Tony Kosten with a cool "" on top in big font!

Tony, how come you never mentioned you are gonna write an article in Chess Life? Wink

Will it be permanent column by you in Chess Life? If yes, next time you can combine game analysis along with some details about services that I am sure readers would like to know more... especialy about this forum discussing latest opening theory 8) I bet lots more readers will check out the then.

Great article/column! Keep it up coz I recently switched from 1.e4 to English anyhow! Wink

Good luck!
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