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Re: QGA 3. e4
Reply #1 - 11/22/03 at 07:56:52
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Black choice after 3. e4 is usually a matter of style. The most reliable answer is probably 3. ..e5 but this line is very well developed and if White knows everything then it is rather difficult for Black to win, he should carefully defend a slightly worse position. Then 3. ..Nf6 would be more attractive for the more ambitious players;  however, Black often castles to the Q-side so you should be ready to play very complicated and sometimes risky position. The other options 3. ..Nc6 and 3. ..c5 are known to be less reliable but White still has not proved how he gets serious advantage.

I tried to cover all Black options as far as possible so you may find something useful for you on the site.  Smiley

Good luck!
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QGA 3. e4
11/03/03 at 20:51:56
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What exactly is the modern recommendation for meeting e4?  In GM Ward's book he recommends 4(!) moves...e5, c5, Nc6, and Nf6.  What is considered best for black by theory?  It's also annoying because he has left out quite a few lines that commonly arise. 

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