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Re: Good Line against the Kan
Reply #1 - 12/10/03 at 03:41:27
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Well, 5.Nc3 will often end up transposing to a Scheveningen but if Black keeps the option of ...Nge7 (instead of ...Nf6) open, the English Attack might lose some of its bite I guess.

You should definitely consider 5.Bd3 in my opinion - keeping your own options open whether to play c2-c4 later or just play Nc3 and go for smooth development.  There was a good article in a recent New In Chess Yearbook, I think, about the benefits of massing your pieces on the third rank (Nc3, Bd3, Be3, maybe Qf3 as well after f2-f4).

But the Kan is very solid and apart from a few very sharp lines it is mostly a question of understanding the positions that result rather than memorising reams of theory.

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Good Line against the Kan
12/09/03 at 22:02:00
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I have pretty much found a pleasant way to meet all of the sicilians except the Kan. I found the Nb5 lines against the Taimanov, 7. Nd5 against the Svesh, English Attack against Scheveningen, Najdorf, and Classical, and Yugoslav vs. the Dragon. The Kan, however, does not seem to allow as much dynamic and original play for White as the other variations. At this point, I'm pretty much looking at 5. c4 or 5. Nc3. Any suggestions? Also, now that I (finally) became a member, feel free to point me to updates by Fed that I should be aware of.

A side note, I read the Fed's profile and had no idea he used to play in Westfield! I play there in tournaments 2 or 3 times a month!!
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