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Re: Sveshnikov 7. Nd5
Reply #1 - 12/11/03 at 19:26:49
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Aagaard recommends 9.c3!, "the key idea is to keep c4 vacant for the queen". 9...Nf5 (9...f5? 10.Qa4 Kf7 11.Qb4!; 9...Ng6? 10.Qa4 Bd7 11.Qc4!) 10.a4 Be7 11.Bd3 0-0 12.0-0 Nh4 13.f4!.  All of the previous exclams are his.  Strangely enough he now has a subnote that goes, 13...exf4 14.Bxf4 Ng6 15.Bg3 Ne5 16.a5 a6 17.Nd4 Bf6 18.Be2 g6 19.h3 Bg7, "with very little if any advantage for White, Matulovic-Moutousis, 1990".  So perhaps 9.c4 is better, however his book doesn't have any continuation that leads to a White advantage.
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Sveshnikov 7. Nd5
12/11/03 at 12:48:43
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After reading the FED's update, I decided on this line. I was wondering if anyone has any OTB experience with 7...Nxd5 8. exd5 Nb8 9. Qf3!? which definitely looks like it is worth some investigation and it is what I plan on playing. Also, afte 8...Ne7 9. c4 what setup is best? I personally like the Be3, Bd3, f3 setup but I don't know what I will permanently decide on.


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