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Re: Pirc Austrian
Reply #1 - 12/13/03 at 19:20:11
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I like 4. Bg5 and then f4 because you effective get the same attack but with pressure at f6, e5 is much harder to get in. In addition, you can also play Qd2 trying to exchange on h6 with the option of playing f4 later if black does not allow the exchange on h6.
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Pirc Austrian
12/13/03 at 15:40:30
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Could anyone please comment on this opening?  I don't think I'm playing the white side of this too well and would like to improve it...

1.e4 d6
2.d4 Nf6
3.Nc3 g6
4.f4 Bg7
5.Nf3 O-O
6.Bd3 Bg4
7.h3 Bxf3
8.Qxf3 Nbd7
9.e5 dxe5
10.fxe5 Ne8
11.h4? c5 and black was much better.

Besides the obvious h4, where did I go wrong?  What could have been improved?

NeX iRae
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