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Note to Chris Ward
03/14/04 at 01:47:38
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I just want to say thanks to Chris for a very enjoyable, thought provoking and excellent website. For sure his site has proven to be an invaluable resource of ideas and inspiration to Dragoneers the World over.

In the past few years has lost the excellent services of Paul Motwani and Joe Gallagher, whose sections were also phenomenal. No disrespect to their replacements but the absence of Motwani and now Gallagher was a big dissapointment for me and in my opinion their absence has left a huge void.

Chris, I hope you decide to stick around as your work is greatly appreciated, and I hope does everything in its power not to lose any more outstanding authors as I would hate to have to cancel my subscription.

It is my hope that the execs would find it possible some time in the future to re-approach some of these MVP's with offers to resume their stellar work.

Chris I eagerly look forward to your next update and I wish you success in all your future Dragon battles.

Take care.

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