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Re: Flank Openings ?
Reply #1 - 03/23/04 at 08:53:36
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Hmm ... not sure how best to respond to this ...

The obvious place to start is with the Reti 1.Nf3, when your other knight can go to d2, c3 or a3 according to circumstances.

But you might prefer to go for the English Opening with 1.c4, when you will usuually end up playing Nc3 at some stage, but retain the option of playing a system with e2-e3 or e2-e4, and then Ng1-e2.

Of course if you are lookign for something a bit unconventional, there is 1.Nc3!? but there is room for some debate about whether that constitutes "good knight development" - some might argue that it is not good at all!

Whatever you choose, there is probably a thread for it here somewhere ... so enjoy the forum!

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Flank Openings ?
03/22/04 at 18:32:35
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Hey all this is my first post here. I have been searching flank openings for the longest time and can only find out how to beat them. Can you tell me some (preferably with good knight development) tnx in advance
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