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Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies) Forthcoming Dragon book!!!! and a few questions (Read 11834 times)
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Re: Forthcoming Dragon book!!!! and a few question
Reply #1 - 04/10/04 at 14:01:46
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If you have already played the Dragon in the past and you feel that you have a pretty good grasp of Dragon  theme's and motifs, then you probably don't need a book like WWTSD2. Though I found Ward's explanations to be invaluable, the unfortunate fact that the ...Qa5 system pretty much appears to be refuted makes the bulk of the book pretty much worthless now. In addition, the fact that 9. O-O-O Nxd4 is under intense scrutiny and 9...Bd7 is pretty much refuted makes the 9. O-O-O Yugoslav Chapter pretty much lacking in theoretical value. So unless you really need help against the Classical, Levenfish, or 9. g4 Yugoslav Attack, I don't see the need for you to spend the money. Instead, a subscription to Ward's Dragons section on is probably much more worthwhile.

With regard to which lines to play, 9...d5 is probably the safest choice against 9. O-O-O as it certainly doesn't seem as though it will "soon be refuted." Against 9. Bc4, the old lines with ...Rc8 but without ...h5 still seem to be pretty solid for Black. However, if you desire something a little more active, the Chinese Variation is still quite offbeat and an equally good choice. 9. g4 can still be met with the ...Nxd4, Be6 system and other than that you should have no real problems to speak of that cannot be answered by something like ECO or NCO.
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Forthcoming Dragon book!!!! and a few questions
04/10/04 at 12:58:13
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Hi everyone!

follow this link :

and you will see a book about the dragonby one member of chesspub, edward dearing, forecasted for October 2004!

Anyway, on to my questions: I might finally (re)start playing the dragon, so I was wondering what lines I should play; that is, I am looking for the most reliable lines as I don't want to invest too much time in "soon-to be-refuted" lines (if that exists Smiley...)
I was also wondering which sources should I look to: that is, should I buy WWTD2 for instance??? I know that it is a great book, but as most of the book is about the Qa5 variation...

Thanks for all your answers!!!
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