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Did st. george kill chris ward??
05/06/04 at 04:23:39
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Hi Guys,
I'm new here but a complete dragon enthusiast and I must confess have played it amateurishly from about 8 till 18 took a break from chess then found chris wards books. Not only did they inspire me to start playing again at 30 but also to really get a good understanding of the opening. As a junior I was very good at chess but won more from chess ability and got into some really sticky positions. But chrises books are great, entertaining and basically fab.

My point however is did st george believing it would be easier to finally slay the dragon if Mr. ward was no longer around? And on this basis did st george first do away with the said person?? I mean it was very recently st georges day and did the ghost go and visit chris. I read something of a news here on the site one day that chris had his computer stolen. Bad doings, did george do this unspeakable act then see the analysis on said computer and realize he had no chance against the dragon and decide to take the next step....

Chris if you are out there and in need give us a sign we can help!!!

We all need and want your amusing quips and analysis even if it appears a bit late...
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