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Re: The Grob
Reply #1 - 08/01/04 at 22:21:26
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This idea has actually been analyzed in "The Myers' Openings Bulletin" in at least one of the issues.  I'm not a real fan of 1.g4, but maybe stuff like 1.c4 c5 2.g4 is better than a normal Grob.  Of course there is the "Universal Opening" 1.h3 which sometimes has similiar ideas and can be followed up in a variety of ways including 2.g4, 2.c4, and unquestionably the strongest (or strangest) 2.a3!.
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The Grob
07/31/04 at 19:17:27
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I've been experimenting with the Grob.

What do you think about playing 1. c4 (English)..

..then in to the Grob 2. g4 or h3 (depending on blacks reply to c4)

I've played this system a few times on ICC and friendly games OTB at the club with good sucess.

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