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Two common questions
08/06/04 at 10:46:01
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When you play the caro kann you are always faced with two issues at some point in the game.

1) at some point during the game black will place his white square bishop on g4 to pin the knight on f3.

2) at some point during the game black with have a choice of playing his dark square bishop to either e6 or d6.

So my question is in both cases is there some indicator that tells you what option you should choose in every situation.

In option one I find exchanging (since I don't mind giving up the white squared bishop) works the best but analysis sometimes tells me to back the bishop off to h5?

In option two, if I play the bishop to d6 white allways plays his bishop to g5 and I always seem to have to play the bishop back to e7?

So is there something I should look at on the board when making these decisions other than the obvious?

I try to look at the center pawn structure when I try to make a decision on these issues however, I don't seem to see a pattern that works all the time?

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