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Normal Topic Thrilling System ??? (Read 1792 times)
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Re: Thrilling System ???
Reply #1 - 09/02/04 at 21:10:38
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It looks to me as though 4...e5! reveals 4.Bd3 to be a poor move.  4.Nf3 stops ...e5 and gives White chances to maintain a slight plus (see Palliser's book) but I'm guessing you want to maintain the option of f4.  Unfortunately White doesn't seem able to get away with this.
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Thrilling System ???
08/27/04 at 18:45:32
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Hi friends,

can our experts recommend what is best for WHITE vs:

1.d4 d5
2.c4 c6
3.e3 Nf6
4.Bd3 "e5"

Thanks for help!


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