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Re: atrocious
Reply #1 - 09/28/04 at 08:37:41
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I would not favor replacing GM Ward unless we found someone who really has comparable knowledge and understanding of the Dragon. In addition, even if you found such a person, I don't know if he (or she, I suppose) would have Ward's wit, style, and creativity in exploring uncharted (and previously charted) Dragon territory.

However, I do concur that this is indeed a problem (see my post yesterday in the Discussion forum), as is the tardiness of other contributors. I think the best thing to do would be to get members talking with the management so that the management at ChessPub can know what complaints the members have and so that the management can perhaps offer an explanation or a solution to the lateness of some of the updates.

Perhaps someone could send an e-mail to whoever or whomever is the head honcho over at ChessPub. and maybe we could start a topic on it or start an e-group specifically for the purpose of subscriber-management dialogue.
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09/27/04 at 17:13:27
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Why is Chris Ward so late?

Surely it is time for some Dragon games ??

I really feel he must be changed to someone who is not so busy.
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