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Normal Topic Ruy Lopez, Berlin Defence with 7 ...Ne4!? (Read 1597 times)
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Ruy Lopez, Berlin Defence with 7 ...Ne4!?
11/19/04 at 07:50:16
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Has anyone got any thoughts as to why, when the Berlin Wall set-up with 7 ...Nf5 is all the rage, 7 ...Ne4!?, as championed by Westerinen, is so rarely played? Its theoretical reputation seems sound enough, or am I out of date? I was under the impression that Black is OK here as long as, after 8 Qe2 Bf5 9 Rd1, he plays 9 ...Qe7, intending ...0-0-0, and not 9 ...Qc8.

White can of course exchange queens on move 8. How in that case do the strategic lineaments of the position differ from those of the Berlin Wall, and in whose favour is the difference?
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