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Sicilian Sveshnikov
03/02/05 at 14:45:07
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I am studying GM Yakovich's excellent book on the Sveshnikov and I like the line, e4 c5 nf3 nc6 d4 cd nd4 nf6 nc3 e5 ndb5 d6 Bg5 a6 Na3 b5 Nd5 Be7 Bf6 Bf6 Nd5 Ne7Nf6 gf. White then has several ways to play it. In all cases, black seems to get good play, based on his majority of pawns in the center and using it to good effect. But, I don't see any super-GM's or regular GM's playing this line as black. Krasenkow is responsible for the popularity of this line. Anyone have any opinions?  Undecided
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