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Normal Topic Scotch books. (Read 1428 times)
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Re: Scotch books.
Reply #1 - 03/15/05 at 03:56:40
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I think Sam Collins' recent repertoire book for white recommends the Scotch - something to read while waiting for Emms perhaps?! Wink
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Scotch books.
03/14/05 at 19:39:38
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I saw on everyman chess site that John Emms is coming out with a starting out: the scotch game in August of 2005, also in that same month I.M. Gary Lane is coming out with the scotch game explained by Batsford. I was wondering if anyone had any more information on these two titles.

Has Lane played the scotch often I thought the main advocate of this opening was Rublevesky.

The only other book on the opening I found was Peter Wells and that was written in 1998 and is going for 75.00 on These other books are a lot cheaper but I have to wait until August, that is just not cool.
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