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Normal Topic Ruy Lopez, Bird's Defence major lines (Read 1924 times)
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Ruy Lopez, Bird's Defence major lines
06/27/05 at 19:47:09
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What do people think of Bird's Defence to the Ruy Lopez (3 ...Nd4!?)? There are several main lines after 4 Nd4 ed 5 0-0:

(1) 5 ...h5!?. The choice of Bird himself, and a subject of Davies's May update.  Davies appears to think this OK, if risky. Anyone got any experience with this?

(2) 5 ...Bc5. The modern main line? NCO gives here 6 d3 c6 7 Ba4 d6 8 Bb3 Ne7 9 f4 as good for White, but I notice the young Czech player Jiri Jirka has had success with 8 ...a5 9 a4 (9 a3!?) Be6 ...

(3) 5 ...c6 6 Bc4 Nf6 7 Re1 d6 8 c3. Here Tolush used to play 8 ...Qb6, while Christoph Wisnewski and others, in the other thread, have explored 8 ...Ng4 9 h3 Ne5 10 d3 Qb6, though it may be White is doing well after 11 a3!?.


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