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Normal Topic Need good introduction book for sicilian (Read 1260 times)
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Re: Need good introduction book for sicilian
Reply #1 - 07/26/05 at 19:04:52
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I think there is a book called 'Starting Out The Sicilian' by John Emms, published by Everyman.

I could be wrong about the author though. Google it and lemme know how it turns out.

Alternatively you could wire me a nominal fee and I could teach you everything one needs to know about all things Sicilian. However see the next paragraph.

Caveat Emptor.

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Need good introduction book for sicilian
07/26/05 at 09:52:39
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Hi all,

I would like to include sicilian defense(s) in my opening repertoire with black. I am a 2100-rated (USCF) player, but I almost never played sicilian in serious games. Any suggestion for good sicilian intro books for this level?
It does not have to be very basic, but what I would like to have is good presentation of the typical strategic ideas and middlegame plans for both sides.
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