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Re: Starting out the Sicilian
Reply #3 - 03/21/06 at 10:39:48
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Soltis' Book has been published in Spanish (Paidotribo) recently and I have found it excellent also in Caro-Slav structures.


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Re: Starting out the Sicilian
Reply #2 - 03/21/06 at 04:10:26
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If you have it, I would read Andrew Soltis' Pawn Structure Chess.  While that book covers many different set-ups, there is a whole chapter on the Closed Sicilian pawn formations and then another (MUCH larger) section on the Open Sicilian setups.  All major pawn fomations are covered, like the Dragon, Scheveningen center, Boleslavsky center (the "d5 hole"), and various forms of the Maroczy bind.  Back when I was about 1500 or so I read this book and learned a TON; in particular, I probably learned more about how to actually play the Sicilian from this book than any other, and I've played the Sicilian my entire career!

I actually can't say enough good things about this book; get it, read it, and you'll really understand Sicilian positions (and others, but his chapters on the Sicilian are the best) a lot more than you will if you just buy an opening book.  Plus, you can determine which central pawn structures you like best for Black (i.e., Scheveningen, Dragon, etc.) and then go out and buy a specialized book on that system.
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Re: Starting out the Sicilian
Reply #1 - 03/20/06 at 20:58:25
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Hi everyone.  Great forum.

As this is my first post I guess a few introductions are in order - bear with me  Wink  I'm a 35 year-old who plays chess mainly (these days) against computer software, and sometimes on the net.

I no longer play OTB, although that may change in the future, and I think I'm about 1600-1700 Elo.

My choice of openings has been fairly consistent over the years.  With the Black pieces I've played the Caro-Kann and QGD Tartakower for quite a while.  With White I'm strictly an 1.e4 man.

Anyway, getting to the point at last  Wink I've decided that if I'm serious about improving my play I need to aim for more unbalanced positions to practice tactics and get experience of a wider variety of positions.  Which brings us to the Sicilian.  I'd like to switch to answering 1.e4 with 1...c5 but there are so many variations to choose from it's hard to know where to start! Undecided

I've considered buying Emms' book but I thought I'd tap the collective wisdom of forum members first  Kiss!

Any suggestions for suitable Sicilian lines to focus on would be much appreciated.

Many thanks.

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Starting out the Sicilian
11/11/05 at 13:08:59
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This is a very interesting book. I would recomend it mainly for the white player at the amateur level looking for basics on each popular open sicilian. As a black player of this opening though it think it is a very good survey and can be used as a great jumping off point after you decide which variation is best for you.

Now in no way is this an in depth book but as Mr.Emms states it not meant to be. Its meant to be a basics book. Theory is light and some of the variations only have one or 2 games to them. So if you are looking for a broad but thin opening survey i would take a look at this.

Any one else have it though? I would be interested to hear your thoughts. Oh and i would encourage the feed back from some anti-siclian players as well since it covers, c3,moscow and rossilimo and the Smith mora.

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