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Re: Roman's Lab Volume 21: The Easy Way to Play th
Reply #2 - 11/30/05 at 17:20:28
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I have bought this DVD and I will give a short overview of its repertoire.

1. Fianchetto variation - Black plays Bg4 followed by Nc6.

2. White plays e3 instead of e4 - Black plays two different sytems depending on weather white puts his dark squared bishop on f4 or g4.

3. London system -Black has this setup : Bishop on g7 (did you expect anything else  Smiley   )d6-b6-ndb7-Bb7-Rfe8 with the plan of playing the aggressive e5.
I have tested this sytem on ICC with sucess. I consider this system to be easy to learn and play.

4. Averbakh -h6-Be3 -c5  system

5 Classical variation  -  Roman gives two options here

1.   6...Bg4

2.   7...Na6

6.  White plays Bd3 followed by Nge2. Black plays a Nc6 setup followed by e5. If white plays d5 which he often does then black plays Nd4 !?.

7. Hungarian variation - Nge2 followed by Ng3.Black plays c5 before castling. Then black plays b5!? which leads to a Benko gambit kind of position.

9. Sämisch variation - Roman gives an easy to learn system  where black plays c6-a6- followed by b5. Roman considers this to be a good system and easy to learn.

Thats all in brief.

I am personally glad that I bought this DVD


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Re: Roman's Lab Volume 21: The Easy Way to Play th
Reply #1 - 11/21/05 at 13:23:35
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I dont have it but it the title sounds ridiculous in itself, but i am open to playing it the easy way. Im gonna go with Martins DVD though. He is very well spoken and keeps his lessons entertaining.
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Roman's Lab Volume 21: The Easy Way to Play the KI
11/20/05 at 11:15:32
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Anyone got this? What's your assessment of it?



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