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Re: Why I love the English.....
Reply #1 - 12/04/05 at 03:26:01
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Well, there  h a s  to be a reason people play things like 1. c4...  Wink
But I can understand you very well : I've been playing the King's Fianchetto with White and Black until a year ago, and now am still wondering why I made the game so boring to myself... The fear of 'theory' does strange things to chessplayers...
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Why I love the English.....
12/02/05 at 16:21:41
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    Everyone has a pet opening and it is the English for me.....Why? Well after learning Italian Opening (primary weapon as white) in my begining years it was the English I graduated too. My reasoning is that it essentially , in my opinion, allows white for the most part to control the ebb & flow of the game. After playing it for 3 years I have found that my knowledge for other openings such as the Reti, Queens Gambit, some lines in the French, Slav, Kings Indian, & Nimzo Indian have become almost second nature. This has allowed me to build on my opening arsenal with minimal study time in these different openings thus making me a more difficult opponent to prepare for when it comes to tourney time! Albeit the English does require a great deal of study in of itself but for me it was well worth it given what I have just stated....a broader opening arsenal! Not only this with the English one starts to learn the art of transposition & expermentation with various move orders which frequently baffles booked up opponents!
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