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What sort of a thumb is d5?
02/14/06 at 08:08:43
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To one decidedly challenged in theory and available time, it appears that, in these QI-type games, whenever Black plays ...c5 without having played ...d5, it is not a bad thing for White to play d5. Recently, I employed the d5 rule of thumb in the absence even of ...c5: 1. d4 Nf6  2.c4 b6  3. Nc3 Bb7  4. d5

As is my way, I blundered a pawn not too long afterwards. But I quite liked the sequence. Databases then told me the sequence was not common (partly a function of the relative rarity of ...b6 on move 2 followed by Nc3), but that White had very good statistics with it.

Is it worth doing again, instead of my usual 4.f3 in the above sequence (which Fine, apparently correctly, says leads to futile bloodletting on d5)? Bear in mind that, for the time being, I stick to Nc3 rather than Nf3, also against the Slav.

And how about that d5 rule of thumb?
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