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Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies) Solid Defense Against Grob !? (Read 18297 times)
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Re: Solid Defense Against Grob !?
Reply #2 - 08/02/06 at 15:57:53
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In my database, I have the following from Jon Edwards (I will try to locate the source).

Grob Analysis
[Jon Edwards]

1.g4 e5 In my opinion, the best reply because it stops Bg2.

[1...d5!? 2.Bg2 Bxg4? A significant error. White drums up an immediate attack. 3.c4 c6 (3...dxc4 4.Bxb7) 4.Qb3]


[2.d3 was suggested by Grob as an improvement]

2...h5 Here's the key move, immediately challenging the g4-pawn. It cannot push through (3.g5 Qxg5) and defending it with 3.h3 doesn't work for tactical reasons.


[3.h3 hxg4 4.hxg4 (4.d4 d5 5.dxe5) 4...Rxh1 5.Bxh1 Qh4 6.Bf3 e4 7.Bxe4 Qxg4; 3.g5 Qxg5]

3...Qg5 Grob felt that 3...Rxh5 was strong enough that 2.d3 was needed, but 3...Qg5 seems even stronger.


[4.Kf1 may be White's best hope, but it's quite a concession this early in the game.]

4...Qh4 Threatening 5...e4.

5.e4 Bc5 6.Qe2

I don’t have a final assessment written down and haven’t looked at this in a while, but Black seems to be doing fine here.

Here's a link to Jon Edwards' Grob Analysis:
[scroll down to May 17, 2004; this is (rather was) a great chess blog, BTW!]

I seem to recall coming across some other information (maybe an annotated game) on this line.  If I can find it, I will post it.


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Re: Solid Defense Against Grob !?
Reply #1 - 08/02/06 at 11:41:44
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Andy Martin had some good articles on what to do against the Grob.  I found them on the Jeremy Silman web site I think in an area called "Bits and Pieces."  You might want to look for them.
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Solid Defense Against Grob !?
08/02/06 at 11:18:33
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I was wondering if there is a solid defense for black against the Grob Attack 1. g4.  I know the move isn't that great, but I think that it does make a total mess of the board, especially the pawn structures.  Since black can't avoid it, and a player who specializes in the Grob could probably be pretty dangerous, I was wondering if there were any solid defenses to the Grob.  I'm not looking for a refutation, just a line that is relatively safe and keeps equality for black.

I remember I actually used to play the Grob back when I was about 1300 or so.  My impression was that the 1. ...d5 lines weren't that great for black since white can follow with a thematic c4.  I had the most trouble with 1.  ...e5 lines since it's more difficult to figure out what to do against them.  Also, I remember having trouble when my opponent developed their knights early.
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