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Normal Topic Question about Reti System/English (Read 1273 times)
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Re: Question about Reti System/English
Reply #1 - 10/04/06 at 10:56:11
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I think it's the general consensus that white should enter d4-openings when facing d5-systems (i.e. transposing to the Queen's gambit) or King's indian set ups. White can play Reti lines vs d5 and KID positions with d3 (instead of d4), but chances for advantage are smaller. One way of meeting d5 is to transpose to the Catalan which is similar in style to the English and may offer more chances of advantage than the Reti. Many players who choose the English as white are quite happy to play roughly equal positions. Opening choices is more than searching for +=, it's also finding openings that suit your style.

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Question about Reti System/English
08/17/06 at 02:19:26
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I was wondering, can the 1. Nf3 or 1. c4 be played independently of e4 and d4 lines (in all cases) with white still retaining a possible advantage?

I saw a few games of Kramnik where he played some combination of Nf3 and c4 and usually a kingside fianchetto, and I was generally impressed with his opening style.

I'm just wondering if white still retains an advantage without transposing to e4 or d4 lines (not saying that I won't, just wondering if these systems can be played totally independently).

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