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Normal Topic About the pirc defense@@ (Read 1424 times)
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Re: About the pirc defense@@
Reply #1 - 10/29/06 at 15:58:23
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OK, not a book Pirc, but after White's 3rd move Black is fine. Instead White goes straight for the classically vulnerable f7 square. This game is all about tactics though. No opening book or theory on the Pirc can help you with what happened here.

On move 7, instead of Ng4 you could play Qd4, with a fork on Bc4 and e5, and if exf6 Qxc4 there is also a threat Bg4 winning Whites queen. Although you should always think carefully before putting your Queen in a vulnerable position in the opening.

After White's move 11. Rf1, you should be thinking about what is being threatened by that move, and there is a veiled threat to f7 from the Rook and Bishop. So instead of grabbing a pawn, after 0-0, your King is safe and your position is fine. However after 11. ... Qxd4, the Queen is now vulnerable after 12.  Bxf7! which exploits a pin on the Nf5, so that after Kxf7 White can just take the Black Queen and after Kf8, White can swap queens and go Bg6 with a discovered check winning a pawn.

So in just the first few moves of this one game we've got forks, pins, discovered attacks, checks, pawn grabbing, king safety and queen safety so I reckon you'll get far more points studying tactics rather than openings  Cool

Those who want to go by my perverse footsteps play such pawn structure with fuzzy atypical still strategic orientations

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About the pirc defense@@
10/29/06 at 01:32:23
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Actually I screwed up at my tournament and lost a match><

I used the pirc defense against my oppponent.

Here is our notation:
1.e2-e4 d7-d6 
2.Ng1-f3(I was shocked by my opponent's move,  I didn't practice this variations@@, and then I screwed up the whole games><)  Ng8-f6
3.e4-e5 d6xe5
4.Nf3xe5 Nb8-d7
5.f2-f4 g7-g6
6.Bf1-c4 Nd7xe5
7.f4xe5 Nf6-g4
8.d2-d4 Bf8-g7
9.h2-h3 Ng4-h6
10.Nb1-c3 Nh6-f5
11.Rh1-f1 Qd8xd4

And then after that I lost the whole games@@
I wondered which part do I do it wrong?

And also I hope I can have more information and variations details of the pirc defense
Did someone can help me in here, please?
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