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Normal Topic Budapest - Farajowicz variation (Read 1617 times)
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Re: Budapest - Farajowicz variation
Reply #1 - 01/29/07 at 14:01:52
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According to the game Panagopoulos-Steiner, Dubrovnik, 1950, Bc5 seems to be very efficient. You can find the game on at
Nevertheless, imho, 4. a3 is better for white (but I have just about 1800)

Yusupov once said that “The problem with the Dutch Defence is that later in many positions the best move would be ...f5-f7” but he is surely wrong.
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Budapest - Farajowicz variation
01/28/07 at 17:15:33
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      After the following d4,Nf6,  c4,e5,  de,Ne4,  Nf3,Nc6,  Bf4 what is blacks best, d6,Bc5 or Bb4?

Thanks Fazza
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