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Shirov: Best Games Caro-Kann
06/30/07 at 19:10:48
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For sure some people in this forum are curious about this new DVD from Chessbase!?

"My best games in the Bayonett Attack" would have been a much better name for this DVD
because it´s solely about the Advance System and mainly on the Bayonett Attack!!

[For convenience I have changed the order of videos in this (my) table of contents.
Obviously this DVD was produced in 2 steps (first videos #1-7, later #8-10)
and #8+9 obviously belong to #1-3 ]

TABLE OF CONTENTS (1e4 c6 2d4 d5 3e5 Bf5)

4Nc3 e6 5g4 Bg6 6Nge2 c5
#1 (46:00)  Shirov-Nielsen, Bundesliga 2001
#2 (26:16)  Shirov-Yermolinsky, Wijk an Zee 1999
#3 (22:03)  Vlassov-Shirov, Reykjavik 2003
#8 (27:01)  Grischuk-Shirov, Moscow 2002
#9 (36:11)  Shirov-Topalov, Wijk an Zee 2003
#4 (17:58)  [no main game, notes about 6..Ne7]

4Nc3 Qb6
#5 (28:25)  Shirov-Karpov, Monaco 2001
#6 (32:52)  Shirov-Hracek, Ostrava 1998 (2)
#7 (18:52)  Shirov-Hracek, Ostrava 1998 (4)

#10 (38:37) Shirov-Bologan, Foros 2006

It´s no attacking manual for white as Shirov analyses and comments very fairly & objectively
and states correctly that´s on white´s turn to prove something.
These are well made and instructive videos, also for any black Caro-Kann player.
Maybe especially worthy for those who have worked with Martin´s repertoire DVD
or Houska´s repertoire book and aren´t happy with 3e5 c5 ...

tracke  Smiley
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