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Normal Topic Starting out Sicilian Sveshnikov - J. Cox (Read 1903 times)
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Re: Starting out Sicilian Sveshnikov - J. Cox
Reply #1 - 12/21/07 at 00:10:39
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Cox Sveshnikov book is impressing. Its thick and he has put a lot of effort to write this book. Recommended. He says in the beginning of the book that Sveshnikov is one of the soundest way to meet 1.e4.

He says that many GM:s would agree to that...toghether with some other black defences .

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Starting out Sicilian Sveshnikov - J. Cox
12/05/07 at 11:42:55
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I am reading this excellent book along with Play the Grunfeld by Yelena Dembo and I consider both very good books to form a strong and dynamic repertoire with Black. J. Cox is becoming one of my favorite authors due to writing about main lines and important openings! Reading the book, I have no doubts that I face an excellent work and now the critic in Chesscafe is out and confirms my preview idea about the book. For the first steps with this complex opening, this is the kind of book where one can really learn and understand the Sveshnikov.      

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