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Normal Topic 3 e4 against the QGA? (Read 1777 times)
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Re: 3 e4 against the QGA?
Reply #1 - 01/02/08 at 03:29:33
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See my nimzo answer.

It is a standard move. It is used high up. It is doing ok.
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3 e4 against the QGA?
01/02/08 at 02:53:30
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I was wondering what people thing about e4 against the QGA? Is it a good try as white? I used to play nf3 against the QGA, but was thinking of switching. In Blitz it works pretty good. Seems like I just develope naturally and the game plays itself. Well I am going to hit the books soon on it, but just wondering. Is it used a lot on the high levels in chess and is it doing ok? Thanks for any advice.
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